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  • Premier Icon gary

    I went through the same thing a while back. I wasn’t sure about acycles either, and in the end found it slightly cheaper on one of the german mail order places (about £17 I think).

    Lost the email trail, but probably this one:


    20 Euros for that one, right hand and adjustable levers are more expensive. Arrived quickly, bike-discount are very good.

    Premier Icon disben

    Having recently purchased a well priced fork from a reputable online supplier (favoured by many on here), unfortunately they arrived missing the poploc.

    The online retailer has offered me £30 to get the poploc (as they have no spares left and are unwilling to remove from another fork (which seems to have happened for mine), but I can only find it in one place for that price (Acycles.co.uk).

    A recent post did not come back with any reviews of acycles.

    2 questions –

    1. Has anyone used acycles in the meantime and how did it go?
    2. Has anyone seen poploc available at a reasonable price – best I have found in UK is £38 from tredz

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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