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  • Premier Icon D0NK

    or anything based on a computer game.

    didn’t think that needed pointing out

    Did somebody really suggest In Bruges ,one of the best films ever IMO

    You’ve got to rate Gangs of New York surely?

    Erm definitely not , it was made even worse by all the hype and the fact that they spent millions building a set to look like New York back in the day .

    Anybody suggesting Pulp fiction or Inglorious Basterds is surely not being serious .

    Premier Icon bails

    Van Helsing.
    Mr and Mrs Smith.
    Knight and Day.


    I cant defend Jennifer Aniston apart from being filthy in Horrible Bosses and tbh i quite liked Along Came Polly..

    Office Space?


    Noah is the poorest film I have seen in a long time. Bad from start to finish.

    Premier Icon nickc

    5 pages and no-one’s mentioned Tron II?

    standards, etc.


    They made a Tron II ??

    Movie 43 – with the cast and presumably budget that this had it’s unbelievable how they managed to make something so unfunny. Was it screen tested on stoned 9 year old’s!?

    Truly the worst film I’ve ever wasted time watching.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Another awful Jennifer is Jennifer Lopez, truely awful films.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Boogie Knights – I almost walked out of the cinema, but am too tight. Luckily PT Anderson’s next effort, Magnolia, was way better, although when Tom Cruise started his Tame the **** speech, quite a few people got up and left.

    Watched the Les Miserables film recently. The standard of singing was appalling from the 2 male leads. A bit like Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge; shouting in tune (without the tune)

    Premier Icon nickc

    Hels, unfortunately they did.

    It makes no more sense than the first one, but it’s redeemed by the extensive use of light bikes…oh, but wait…no, it isn’t.

    A vast waste of a film

    Inglorious Basterds is surely not being serious

    I am perfectly serious. Tarantino has made precisely two really good films (dogs & pulp fiction) and has since proceeded to churn out a lot of overindulgent dross. I am also quite aware that completely against popular opinion, I don’t care, I’m not listening, la la la la la.


    Jennifer Lope is a pretty good actress. Better than she is a singer and loads better than she is a dancer. That film with George Clooney was good.


    Jackie Brown is a better film than both of those. as is Inglorious. ill give you Kill Bill and Death Proof (which i like tbh) but Django was alright.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Ye should give django unchained a go. Outstanding film. Though if you didn’t get inglorious that may go over your head too.

    TBH I just think he went a bit Costner.

    i.e. everything became about 4 times longer than it really should have been.

    I maintain dogs was tight, spot on. So was fiction, the whole feel was pitched just so. jackie brown was where it all started to slide.

    I’m quite happy to give django a go if people rate it.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Django is a superb film but if you don’t rate Inglorious Bastards you’re probably better off watching chick flicks.


    The Will Smith I Am Legend.

    The granddaddy of poor and overhyped films though has got to be Bladerunner.
    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to watch it and failed.
    Got the Final cut on Bluray they other week and it looks amazing, still boring and still totally undeserving of its reputation.

    Just remembered this one. They actually made Titanic 2 which was a ridiculous concept and an even worse film , although to be fair I only saw a tiny portion of it .

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    They actually made Titanic 2 which was a ridiculous concept and an even worse film

    Worse than this?


    Alien. Boring as hell. A man in a suit trying to hug Ripley? Very scary…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    akasteve – Member

    The Will Smith I Am Legend.

    There’s an alternative ending version which turns it around a bit… But neither ending actually seems to understand the book. Still I have to say, I did enjoy it.


    Well my vote goes to judge dredd…. The first one. What a sack of babb. It actually made me angry. I knew it would be crap but it went way beyond that. Not seen the new one based on that abomination.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Seize The Day – Robin Williams.
    Quite the worst thing I have ever seen.
    Rented it on a whim, Williams so must be OK yes? No.
    Only watched it to the end because it just had to get better.
    Downhill all the way.
    Felt like suicide by the end.


    no no no no.

    Ultraviolet trumps all of these. Utterly, incredibly awful.

    Although merit goes to:
    There will be blood
    Any of the Predator films aside from the first one
    I am Legend

    and how has no one mentioned AI?!?


    Soccer Dog – European Cup


    MussEd ended this thread with Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

    I’d like to add Ski School 2…very disappointing sequel, considering the greatness of Ski School.

    I went to see Meet Joe Black with a girl I fancied when it came out. I had high hopes. Both girl and film crushed me.

    I’m also not sure why I own a copy of Coyoye Ugly on DVD…

    Premier Icon 10

    Anytime this gets asked I wheel out skyline as probably the worst movie I have ever seen, although ninja 2 is quite bad too.


    Not the original Luc Besson film (which, as it stands, is one of the BEST films).7
    The one with Queen Latifa (I doubt her royalty).

    Me and the wife walked out the cinema after about 20 minutes!


    Very bad.


    The Big Lebowski!
    Classics, all three of them.
    As for the worst….Piranha 3D.

    Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. I walked out after 20mins. Bloody awful.

    I’d forgotten about abraham lincoln vampire hunter, that was truly godawful.

    if you don’t rate Inglorious Bastards you’re probably better off watching chick flicks.

    erm, whatever you say boss

    (typing this while watching mamma mia)

    Recently watched Man on a Ledge. Sounded like an intriguing concept ala Phone Booth, sadly it went off in a different direction and that was all over the place. Got more and more ridiculous at every turn, and threw in a cringeworthy gratuitous underwear scene.

    I assume people that say stuff like “In Bruges” are just being contrary. Seven Psychopaths was a disappointment though.

    Well my vote goes to judge dredd…. The first one. What a sack of babb. It actually made me angry. I knew it would be crap but it went way beyond that. Not seen the new one based on that abomination.

    Donks – watch it. It’s very very different (read darker).

    Apparently Stallone said afterwards that they squandered the opportunity to do something really good with Judge Dredd. Dredd may actually show what they could have done. It’s not perfect, but it’s dark, bloody and very comic-like.

    (Oh – except the Lawmaster bikes are awful)


    Premier Icon njee20

    I struggle with people who say “X was the worst film ever, I walked out after 20 minutes”. That’s a bit like saying “x is the worst song ever, I only listened to the first 14 seconds”.

    In a moment of boredom we saw a film called “Extraordinary Measures” that was complete tosh, worst thing I’ve seen in the cinema.

    Most seem to have been mentioned. Open Water I can let slide, as it’s based on a (supposed outcome of a) true story, it’s just an inherently uninteresting true story! Nicolas Cage is a great barometer for things to avoid.

    The Village, and Speed 2 spring to mind as being really really rubbish!

    ^ second dredd film, definitely worth a watch

    choppersquad – Member

    As for the worst….Piranha 3D.

    Wrong. 🙂 A guy who gets his dongle bitten off by a Piranha and Kelly Brook frolicking around in her skimpies redeems it. The sequel Piranha 3DD however…

    My own vote goes to Home Alone 3.

    On a related note, I also saw ‘Bone Alone’ advertised for sale in the Co-Op. Not sure if it’s the same story as 1,2 & 3 but with a dog instead of a boy or just a porno version.

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