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  • POLL – Whippet or Scale?
  • Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I want to treat myself to a new carbon hardtail frame. Been looking at the On-One Whippet for a couple of months but the smalls are never ever in stock 🙁

    I’m this >< far from buying a Scott Scale 35 as I can get one for £1,400 and maybe selling the bits I don’t need will recoup some of the extra cost. Probably a way better frame but people must be pre ordering those whippets before they even come out of the container so they can’t be bad…..

    So what do you think I should do? Cast your votes please. 🙂

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    Well the scott frames a lot lighter, so if you wanted a race bike, and were selling the hefty bits it’s built with, it’s a no brainer.

    But could you really recoup a £1000 difference selling bits? I reckon with some thought/comprimise you could build a lighter bike from the wippet for £1400.

    Wippet frame £400
    SIDs £350
    HopeHoops £300
    XT Groupset £300
    Raid your parts bin for the rest?

    And this time next year I’d put money on the wippet standing up to regular riding better than a 900g frame if it’s not for race day only.


    I think the Scale is a better frame than the Whippet, but whether it is worth the extra cash I am not sure.

    I have a Scale 35 and my wife has a Whippet, so I can sort of compare them against each other. The Scale seems to stand up to lots of use without too many marks, whereas the finish on the Whippet does seem to be a bit softer. My wife has ridden hers pretty hard around trail centres and it has actually stood up to rocks strikes without too many issues, I have another bike I use for trail centre stuff, so my Scale hasn’t had this sort of abuse. She has ridden hers in quite a few races this year and has been on the podium at Mayhem, Bontrager 24:12 and Torq 12:12 so seems to work well as a race bike. Mud clearance is better on the Whippet than the Scale. Scale weighs 300g or so less than the Whippet.

    If it was my money I would probably go for the Whippet and put the money I have saved towards some decent wheels.

    Premier Icon Alejandro

    I’d always go for the Scale personally (if you can afford it) as it seems a ‘proper’ carbon race hardtail, used by loads of serious racers and World Cup pros, proper ~1000g frame weight, contrasted with the Whippet’s ~1,400g frame weight.

    It almost seems pointless getting the Whippet as it’s not significantly lighter than a good alloy race frame such as the XC Pro 3 or Scandal. It just seems like a budget ‘carbon for the sake of it’ frame. I’m sure it comes with the added benefits of carbon over alu, e.g. slightly higher comfort and I’m sure it’s as fast as a Scale or at the most not slower by any significant margin, and it is meant to be a very good frame, I’m not suggesting it isn’t.

    If I was in the market for a race hardtail frame and the most my budget would stretch to was Whippet-money, however, I’d just go for one of the alu frames mentioned above – much stronger, longer lasting, more security and no need to wince every time a rock flicks up at the downtube while riding the Peaks, not much heavier.

    Edit: that Scott Scale 40 frame linked to above for £440 can’t be real can it? That’s a steal (assuming it’s carbon).

    Rob Hilton

    Edit: that Scott Scale 40 frame linked to above for £440 can’t be real can it? That’s a steal (assuming it’s carbon).

    Oopps! No – it’s alu 🙂

    Yep, another vote for the Scale.
    I have had both and the On-One is a good frame let down by poor finish, its as if its been painted like we used to in the old days with a can from Halfords. The paint is very soft and clear coat almost non-existent. Geometry is a bit suspect too for a race frame. In three years time the On-one will look like a dogs breakfast and require a re-paint at least. On my On-one the paint chipped right through the finish coat damaging the carbon. The Scott on the other hand will be almost as good as new.

    Think about it, What would you rather own?
    One has won countless World Cups/Champs and is still ridden by the worlds best XC racers.
    The other is designed by a bloke in a shed.

    Out of the two I would go for the Scale, although I have to say my opinion is from an artistic point of view, the image of the whippet is terrible, it looks like a horse thats some one has tried to make look like a dog, it’s truely rubbish! It makes me want to cry that someone (probably) got paid to do that. Sorry I get overly (well depends on view point) annoyed at crap art work.
    I think the above points in “specialknees” post are probably more important!

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    Thanks for the comments, some very good points for both sides. I make that 3-2 to the scale but not conclusive either way.

    Premier Icon njee20

    And this time next year I’d put money on the wippet standing up to regular riding better than a 900g frame if it’s not for race day only.

    I disagree, I’d put them on an even keel to be honest. Plus, it’s not a 900g frame, only the 899s are that light, the frames get assigned a model designation based on their weight, so a 20 weighs slightly more than a 10 etc, despite them technically being the same.

    I’d get the Scale and flog the bits you don’t want, you may not totally recoup the cost difference, but I’ll wager it’ll be fairly close.

    I’d buy that then spend the rest on some very nice wheels…

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I pushed the buy button on a Whippet despite the Scott winning the vote. Based on all the comments above I decided the Whippet was better VFM & will leave me with cash in my pocket to add some sparkle if I want.

    it’s not a 900g frame, only the 899s are that light

    left me wondering just what I would be paying for on the Scott. Beyond the frame & fork the spec is pretty mediocre & parts may be a hassle to sell.

    and though

    the image of the whippet is terrible

    is true I went for a black one (paint weighs too much 😉 ) and what really matters is does it feel good when I ride it. I’m hoping the Whippet will deliver.

    Thanks all.

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