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  • mtbant

    2011 Model

    Used 5 times a week, every week, every weather condition in South Wales Mud.

    Lost air pressure, needed new air can, collar plus seals etc… work was done for free by importer.

    Considering the usage I think its done well, have known others have more trouble with suspension and gears vs that.

    If It broke tomorrow I’d buy another one no question.


    I have two. Both get hammered in the North East of Scotland and I am really hard on kit especially seatposts.

    Both of mine were early ones from 2011 and both failed within the first few months of use and were fixed under warranty through the local LBS (who I did not buy them from for availability reasons). Both returned from SRAM-UK/Fishers/LBS/Whatever within a week and have been perfect ever since.

    I would buy another in a heartbeat…

    2012 model here… no issues to report, I thought I had an issue and then realised I just hadn’t noticed the post doing this thing before. I love it and would buy another.

    2011, everything’s fine.


    Since April 2011, used at least twice a week in all conditions in the UK mud. Then thrashed in the Alps twice.

    No problems at all.

    I sent it off for a service to TF, it came back with a clean bill of health.

    As a comparison, my mates Gravity dropper has let him down twice in just a few months 🙂

    Haveing used it and ended up wondering how I lived without it, Id have paid twice as much.

    2012 one here, for about six months, been absolutely faultless through every sort of slop and crap.

    2012 model ridden hard for 6 months.

    Only issue is my mate moaning when he doesn’t realise I’ve adjusted saddle height and gets caught out by a drop or climb. As soon as I got one I realised how much faffing everyone else does with seat QRs on the terrain we ride.


    Seem to read nothing but posts regarding problems with this post, less than other droppy posts mind but still a lot. I am considering one but constantly being put off. So just out of interest and because I am bored can we do a little poll?

    If you own one or have owned one, please reply with Model-(year)/age and either

    No issues or issues (happy or crappy?)

    probably also better to state conditions used in for fair comparison i.e. wet scottish trails, or dry dusty trails (the things of dreams here in scotland)

    issues being losing pressure, developing play, having to send back, requiring unreasonable levels of service etc or anything else that you would not expect from an expensive product such as this.

    having to bleed out of the box isnt really an issue.


    So fairly positive so far then? Where’s all the people that have posted on here with problems?


    Mine has been back, but it was partly my fault. It’s not changed my riding as much as some people claimed it would, and really I’d wait another 2 or 3 years at least till they get it right. It is by far and away the best one out there at the minute though.

    Premier Icon wallop

    For every person who posts on the internet with a problem, there are probably 100 happy people you never hear from.

    2012, no issues.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Now done 10 weeks of Alpine guiding on mine. Completely flawless so far. I was a sceptic, but now really impressed.


    Early 2011 model hammered in all that welsh/alpine/Scottish weather can give and no problems here…. Yet (touches lots of wood!)

    2012 – works perfectly (I hope – its still in its box, waiting to be fitted tomorrow).

    2012 version here – had lots of mud n water on it and a fat bastid perched on top.

    Perhaps folk are not using carbon paste and over tightening the seat collar?

    I’ve 2.


    Both ’12, oldest (4 months) is getting notchy going up and down – I suspect a warranty claim soon.

    Other / newer – much much more used in dampish Scotland is going fine.

    Would I buy another? Probably not- I’d resurrect the old Joplin 4 that is as reliable but easier to fix / service – even on the trailside.


    2012 model, 6 months old ride 2/3 times a week with no problems, I had a hard crash otb a few weeks back the bike came down on the back of the saddle shoving it right forward in the posts clamp and bending the seat rails, didn’t bother the reverb at all.
    Building a hardtail over the next few months and I might put a fox doss on it instead, I like the idea of the two stage drop it offers.


    I had a 2011 and hammered it for 6 months without one issue. Wouldn’t think twice about buying another.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    2012 model, still quite new. Bought from probikeshop. All good so far. Very pleased with it.

    Premier Icon Chipbutty

    2012 for 6 months, no issues yet, loving it


    2012. Had it 7 months. Used it in all weathers, but only a couple of dozen times so far. No issues at all. Unlike the Blacklite Command Post it replaced, which was constantly being adjusted to stop it dropping on its own.


    2011 no issues but hardly ridden, but when it is used, used in all weathers. Shop I bought it from sent it back as 2 others had issues. Mine was fine, or so I thought…apparently 170 quids worth of warranty work on the internals…still no issues.

    When riding I use it far more than I thought I would and I really like it but I do think they are expensive, but going by posts here, seems plenty folk are happy to pay the price without much hesitation.


    I had an older one which was a PITA. Hose came off, sometimes didn’t depress etc. Sold it.
    Bought a 2012 one and it hasn’t missed a beat including some fairly robust alps rides!


    Had two. First was 2010 (very late) been ridden three times a week by heavy rider. Has been back three times always the same issue which is air leaking from the can so the post squishes down without the lever being pressed. First time fixed under warranty second two times fixed as a favour. Very happy with that service. Very happy with the post and will eventually buy one with internal routing.

    Second post had a much easier life and never went wrong. Sold that when I broke my hard tail up.

    Seems heavier riders (both in terms of weight and riding style) are more likely to cause air leakage issues.


    2011 with hose upgrade. Used for a year now without an issue. 2 mates have 2012 versions and again, no issues. Id buy another in a heart beat and i wouldn’t touch another brand. Went to alps recently, one guy had a specialised version which came with his bike which was broken the whole trip, another had a joplin which broke and one had the new fox device which although didn’t break was technically miles behind the reverb

    Premier Icon lungman

    Ovthe years I’ve had a gravity dropper worked well and reliable just needed monthly service. Joplin 4 which need more regular care but still worked well. Now have 2 reverbs and both have been trouble free, one used all winter and all of the 2nd not used too much. I think one problem is that people expect them to be fit and forget but they all need some maintenence as do most parts on a bike. If you neglect your forks, drive train or cranks sooner or later it will fail


    Bought my Reverb in July last year and totally love it. Proper game changer in my eyes

    It failed in January – sent it back and they sent me a brand new 2012 version

    I’ve ridden it a lot in all sorts of weather and it takes it well. I heavily abuse equipment!

    I broke the barb off, which holds the hose to the lever, in late May – sent it to Fisher and the fixed it FOC.

    Cannot ask for better service than that – great customer support

    I now struggle to ride my hardtail without one so i’m considering getting the 150mm drop Stealth version for my big bike when it comes out but i’m not sure what drilling a little hole in my frame will do the the warranty (well, i do, but really want to!!)

    Buy it!!


    do you think they will bring one out with a bottom hose attachment? I.e. not the stealth but where the hose doesnt move and is attached above the seat clamp? think that is what I will wait for and why i am looking at the KS LEV. Or i could drill my frame for the stealth, but dont fancy that at all.

    Premier Icon neil853

    I’ve only had mine a short while and its started to leak air, i think it’s an easy fix asp er one of the threads on here, if not it’ll go back 🙄


    2012 model, had it for around 18 months now with no problems at all. Broke the barb on remote end during a crash but was cheap and easy fix. Couldn’t do without it now

    Premier Icon neil853

    Is the oil anything special or just generic 2.5wt sus oil?


    2012 model.
    6 months old – approx 150 hours of use.
    No problems.
    Shortened hose – no bleeding needed.


    2012 model I think, the one that comes with the ‘enduro collar’.
    No problems at all, no maintenance.
    Quick wipe down after each run and spray with Teflon lube around the seal and it’s good to go.

    2011 – Only light use and seals failed 3 times so sent back under warranty. Internals upgraded to 2012 and now faultless (so far).

    2012 – 6 months of hard use and faultless.

    Oh and muddy/gritty Scottish trail use.


    Bought late last year (most recent model at the time). No issues – rocky Alps/North Wales. Happy.

    2012 model. Been fitted around 5 months with no issues at all. I have tried but not lived with)others and pre4fer the reverb.


    I had 2 x 2011 Reverbs. The first lasted 10 months before it was replaced with a 2012 model under warranty, and the second lasted 6 months before blowing up. It is currently on its way back to the supplier for a warranty claim.

    Would I buy one again…..most definitely. And I’m confident my replacement Reverbs will be fine.

    not me – but my mate has a 2012 one from loco – loco inspected and made sure was correct and working before he sent it out….around probably 5-6 months on and its not caused one single issue! its been flawless, looks the business and is smooth as can be….also to not my mate isnt the most brilliant at maintenance either so i doubt very much other than an occasional wipe its had any tlc…..

    great product, id have one tomorrow at full price if they did them in 27.2 🙁

    Premier Icon spartaniv

    2012 reverb bought in april this year. Lost all air pressure after about 5 rides. Sorted by fishers under warranty in about a week. No problems since.

    Mark N

    organic355 – Member

    do you think they will bring one out with a bottom hose attachment? I.e. not the stealth but where the hose doesnt move and is attached above the seat clamp? think that is what I will wait for and why i am looking at the KS LEV. Or i could drill my frame for the stealth, but dont fancy that at all.

    A couple of weeks use with the KS Lev 125 and so far so good. 🙂

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