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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    How come people can constantly draw on seemingly infinite reserves of anger, bile, vitriol, negativity, misery and downright nastiness whenever something vaguely to do with politicians comes up? I mean seriously, are you reading a newspaper for the first time or something?

    Politicians are in a no-win situation. No matter who they are or what colour their tie, the majority of people are going to be dissatisfied with anything they say or do unless you find yourself are surrounded by a hundred naked virgins oiling you every night in a giant mansion with ever car ever made in your garage and everything else you can think of. Can it really be true that the only people we get to elect are the most evil scum of the earth AND incompetent and blundering at the same time?

    Or, why not try thinking a little about the situation. They’re trying to run the country but most of the time their hands are tied by the way that people talk about what they do. Any decision they make will be slagged off by millions of bitchy moaning miserable b*stards who are deeply unhappy with their lives, which means that they can’t do what they were elected to do; instead they just have to spend the entire time pussy footing around the media, which makes things worse.

    To all political moaners – the problem with Britain is YOU. Not Brown, Thatcher, or anyone else, it’s YOU. You are the ones who moan and whinge so consistently that you don’t even know you’re doing it. It’s this intense negativity that’s bringing everyone. Stomping on the fragile green shoots of happiness before they ever have the chance to bloom.

    How about some constructive debate instead of hyperbole? Politicians are pretty much not evil. Nor are they all crassly incompetent. Sure, they make mistakes, but that’s a given. You KNOW that’s going to happen. Some are grave mistakes, sure, but be constructive. Don’t just put all your mental energy into finding more extreme words with which to moan.

    How about people just cheer the f*ck up?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    “How about people just cheer the f*ck up?”

    pot, kettle?

    *Pulls up a chair*

    It’s a nice, almost springlike day today, so how about a nice glass of Saint Romain? It’s great stuff, a couple of villages away from Chablis, but still with that lovely light taste to it.

    I’ve got some lovely olives as well, if you’re a bit peckish.

    oooh A-

    could have done with more capitalisation

    points added for the personal attack

    Premier Icon aracer

    They’re trying to run the country but most of the time their hands are tied by the way that people talk about what they do.

    More like their hands are tied by their intense need to be re-elected (see timing of shortsighted Lloyds/HBOS merger in relation to Scottish by-election in constituency with lots of HBOS workers that Gordon needed to win not to be booted out)


    Is it as overpriced as Chablis and is there any Feta to go with the olives?

    Hang on I’ve got some here.

    gonefishin, the price is why I have moved to buying Saint Romain, it’s very reasonable for what you get.

    Premier Icon Del

    2nd aracer. also note their massively inflated views of self worth nearly match the pay they get directly as an MP, the expenses they get for running their offices ( ‘sure, employ your wife, your mates, and your son’s student pals on the tax-payer – why not? buy yourself another house while you’re there’ ), the proceeds of various directorships which takes them out of parliament on a regular basis, and the rewards forthcoming from businesses suckling from the public teat as this government have demonstrated new and inventive means to privatise profits whilst nationalising liabilities.

    crap rant BTW.

    oh – and i’m happy as you like because i generally avoid having to pay too much attention to all this.


    That’s a fine argument you’ve put forward there molegrips.
    Though to counter it, I’ve just two words –

    Hazel Blears

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Del – you’re missing the point of the post a bit.

    IanMunro, you’re not.

    There are bad politicians and good ones, but I just don’t get why some people bother to put fingers to keyboard to try and persuade us all that the government are evil incarnate AND barely have the brain cells to breathe, at the same time. Where do they get the energy from for this kind of spume flicking anger all the time?


    Where do they get the energy from for this kind of spume flicking anger all the time?

    I’ve always assumed it was from pheremones given off from the ink in the daily mail.

    anyway, i do more than my fair part for politics, i’ve joined loads of protest groups on facebook and signed all them government internet thingies

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Best rant for some time. Good effort, though possibly too well argued and punctuated to truly qualify as a rant.


    the problem with Britain is YOU. Not Brown, Thatcher, or anyone else, it’s YOU.

    No, it’s Thatcher.

    I am ‘Criticism Exempt’.


    Molgrips. Second everything you say.

    I got a guided tour round the Houses of Parliament and Lords yesterday. VERY interesting. Makes you appreciate we live in one of the most open and democratic countries in the world and something we should spend more time celebrating and showing gratitude for. Sure policitians can be self-interested and greedy and sometimes dishonest. Show me a member of the public who isn’t?

    61% of people voted in the last general election. The 39% who didn’t should go and live in Russia/Sri Lanka/Zimbabwe etc for a year and see if they can learn to be grateful for the great priviledge they have…

    Over and out ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    CaptainFlasheart, a one-man anti-government whining machine who is always happy to post whatever Guido has his knickers in a twist about today, has no constructive comments on your thread. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I agree with much of what you say, but there is a fine balance between avoiding whining and losing the ability to generate righteous anger. The whining kills politics, but apathy kills it even faster.


    BD, there’s nothing more that can be said about the current shower that hasn’t already been said, so I’d rather sit down with a nice glass of wine, if that’s alright with you.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    The whining kills politics, but apathy kills it even faster


    However, anger should be used to stimulate action. And that action should be positive, not just spewing nastiness to anyone who’ll listen. Plus, you should only be angry when you know the whole story. Our media doesn’t do anything except whip up misplaced indignation and validate people’s ignorance.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Fair enough



    Captain Flashfart is a PONCE!

    Bloody whine and olives? What’s rong with a kebab and a can of lager, like the rest of us proles, eh?

    I blame Captain Fartypants, for EVERYTHING.

    Except for genocide, that’s a bit much.

    RB, it was far too early for a ‘bab when I posted! Come on, dear boy, have some standards!


    Never twirly for a Dirty Doner!

    ‘D’you want chilli sauce with that, boss?’

    ‘Is the Pope?’


    CaptainFlasheart ……… has no constructive comments on your thread.

    Well that’s compete bollox.

    The good Captain adds vital entertainment value to every thread which he posts on.

    Which considering how boring some of the humourless gits who take themselves far too seriously would otherwise make this place, I consider the Captain’s role to be highly constructive.

    You carry on the excellent work Captain, and continue to entertain me with your amusing excentric nonsense and funny right-wing politics ๐Ÿ˜€


    Maybe it’s the voting system where it’s possible to be elected to rule without the popular support of the majority of the population.

    Failing that the only other thing I see in common with the last few governments is the ultimate head of state, therefore I blame the queen.

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