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  • Polaris Tor
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    Anybody wear one? Any thoughts yay or nay

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    I don’t have one of those jackets, but I do have a TSG insulated jacket which is similar I think but it has thicker material on the sleeves.

    I don’t really wear it for riding, but it is a great jacket & very versatile for general wearing about.
    It looks to me like the Polaris one would be perhaps more suitable as a riding jacket, as the sleeves look like they are more of a thinner windproof fabric so perhaps not as sweaty.
    I am not sure I would want to wear something like that for anymore than just cruising around in though – I think it would get too hot when exerting yourself.

    Premier Icon FOG
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    I have one, purchased in one of their random sales. I really haven’t worn it much because it is rather warm. Problem is when it is really cold I like to layer rather than go for one particularly warm garment.

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