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  • Polaris is back … yay!
  • Anyone else signed up for OMM Bike 2014 (aka Polaris)?

    The OMM started running Polaris a few years ago. Last year’s was cancelled, but the full event in 2012 was brilliant. In some ways it was better than the original events; I liked how there were more check-points, which opened up a lot more route options.

    Just signed up. Looking forward to it, and hoping there’ll be a good turn out. Anyone else doing it (Spring and/or Autumn events)?


    Autumn conflicts with iom e2e but might do the spring.

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    I did one way back in 98 up North somewhere and it was excellent. There also used to be some similar one day events around QECP which were also really well put on and organised.


    Am tempted, we did the ‘last straw’ event in 2006, when 2 guys turned up, got rained on (a lot admittedly) and then totally flamed Polaris for not having told them it might rain, or be hard, or cold etc etc. I think Polaris pretty much gave up running the events after that.

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    Did 2012 which was great but I think SWMBO has something lined up for those dates. It is the 10th anniversary of a massive motor bike crash which put me in intensive care and nearly in the graveyard and I think she wants to celebrate an extra 10 years of my life, nice but I would think that doing a Polaris would be just that!


    I did quite a few of the Polaris events back in the day (Kielder, Yorkshire Dales – twice?, Galloway Forest, Lakes, Exmoor, Radnor, Rothbury) and loved it. Would qualify as a generation team now – if I can convince asterix junior

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