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  • pointing paving ..problems with mortar colour / advice please
  • Premier Icon kaiser
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    recently tried to help my bro out by pointing some paving and not having done it before thought it was a simple case of mixing up some 4 sand to 1 cement mortar and stuffing it in.
    basically the 1st attempt was far to red in colour so I bought some lighter sand and did it again but it’s still nothing like the original colour ( see pics )
    how do i get it light grey …is it a matter of using white/silver sand . I know more cement would grey it out but have heard too much makes it rock hard and inflexible.
    Your advice please .thanks in advance

    this is how i want it (original)
    this it how it turned out

    Premier Icon sausagefingers
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    probably wrong but is the top mortar mixed with lime?

    Premier Icon carlos
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    They way I see it is you have two choices –

    1) Rake out the lot inc the existing and start again, but with the inclusion of a measured amount of mortar dye in the mix

    2) Add a mortar dye to your 4/1 mix until you get the desired colour

    Option one will be more work obviously but you’ll get a much better job/finish

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes
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    If you’ve got the lightest sand you can lay your hands on, and it’s still too dark with regular cement, try with white cement instead of grey. Bigger builders merchants who do paving might have it in, but all can get it quick enough.


    Premier Icon kaiser
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    is the top mortar mixed with lime?

    …don’t know!
    have thought about mortar dye but thought it was something more simple….after all most concrete comes out that light greyish colour.

    Premier Icon totalshell
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    the top mix looks to have little or no sand in it so could be 50.50 at best or even a ready made concrete mix..

    Premier Icon grantway
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    Normally used is Mortar dye to mach slabs etc.
    Also use a Mortar gun to point between the slabs much quicker.

    Premier Icon tonyplym
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    Very difficult to get a good colour match in the long term – if the new mix matches now then it won’t in a few months time as it ages and changes colour.

    Premier Icon Holyzeus
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    Looks like you’ve used building/soft sand, the top pic is more like concrete. You need to use sharp/ screeding sand etc

    Premier Icon adt
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    have a look at granite spar that will dry that colour ,you mix it with your sand+cement to give a bit more srength for infill around footway manholes and service boxes ,a bit more aggregate in ity but will dry grey.

    Premier Icon kaiser
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    thanks guys ..yes I did use soft sand .

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