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  • Podcasts – How To?
  • NJA
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    A little help and advice if you would. One of the ideas for our firm this year is to put together a regular (probably fortnightly) podcast.

    I know what the content will be, I even have a snappy title, but what I don’t know is how you go about it, what type of file you need to record, where you host it and how you get it out into the world. And, of course how much did it cost.

    So, has anyone on here done it and how did you go about it and what are your top tips to get subscribers?


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    We do a weekly one for our fantasy football universe. Been a great thing to keep going through the lockdown.

    Recording – we just use skype, super easy, decent quality and everyone can participate.

    At the risk of being a dick, for uploading, google it. We put ours on Apple and spotify, each provider has clear instructions, it’s easy.

    as for cost. Nowt!

    good luck with it they’re fun if you can keep them fresh.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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