podcast catching app for apple

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  • podcast catching app for apple
  • poolman

    Can anyone recommend one – I don’t mind paying if it means no ads. Something really simple for radio 4 type stuff.

    Much appreciate any advice good and bad


    You can set up all the radio 4 podcasts from the podcast app that comes on your iPhone so they automatically download. Alternatively you can go through through the feed and download older episodes

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Overcast for me. Supported via patronage if you want to, but the free version isn’t restricted at all.

    Apple’s own podcast app isn’t too bad these days either.

    Overcast for me as well.

    I just paid for patronage for 6 months, but it’s optional and you only lose the dark theme and user uploads.


    Thanks overcast it is then – I just tried to download and keep getting sent to apple app store and getting stuck in a lost password loop. Can’t I just download directly? Cheers

    Wait…you mean for iOS or OS X?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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