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  • Pod/capsule Coffee Machine
  • fazzini
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    Hi STW megaminds….looking for some real world advice on the ‘best’ pod/capsule coffee maker that you own e.g. Nespresso style. I’ve read loads of reviews for all manner of coffee-related making machines, but would like to hear from some owners. This is for Mrs Fazzini as part of a birthday present…and budget is an issue so as close to £100 is preferred. Yes I probably am a tight-wad but its only a part of the gift, and this leaves me more money to spend on bikes ;)….thanks for your help.

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    Pod machines are the devil’s work, producing non-artisan coffee at a horrific environmental cost

    We’ve got a Nespresso.

    It was under £100 some time ago, produces acceptable* coffee in under a minute and we have a shop nearby so can recycle the pods easily.

    *to me. I’m not that bothered about spending 10 minutes carefully brewing the doings of a civet cat.

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    so much deja vu right now

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    This is a brave post!
    Can I just say…

    Artisan roast…
    Environmental disaster….
    Shit coffee…..

    I wanted to get those out of the way early doors.

    However, we used to have a Dolce Gusto machine that is OK. It’s very simple to use – our one you just twiddled the dial on top, which set the quantity of water & pressed the button.
    Coffee was OK (for the heathens) and it also did hot chocolate & stuff.

    We replaced it with a Nespresso machine, a Latissima Touch which I think is above your budget. But, the main advantage of it is that is has an integrated milk holder/frother thingy & that’s a bit of a pain in the ass.
    We use L’Or or Nespresso pods that can be both recycled. L’Or ones can be done through the Terracycle scheme. We save up the pods in the garage & I’ve only had to do one drop off in a year.
    The Nespresso ones can be put in their recycling bags – we are lucky as we have a Nespresso shop in Peterborough, so just take them with us if we are going for something else.
    Coffee-wise; it’s fine. There’ll be people on here telling you that they’d rather smear dog-poo on their tongue than drink it, but hey ho…..if you are a real coffee aficionado you might not approve, but then you’d probably be spending more than £100 on a machine.
    I think you can get Nespresso machines for <£100.

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    Probably not much help but my mum has a Senseo machine (no idea which make) but I did some research and you can get refillable pods for them. There is also a company in Devon making compostible Nespresso pods ().

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    [middle aged hippy tree hugger]
    There was a Tassimo machine in our CP villa last week, first time I’ve ever seen or used one (1 of the 3 complimentary “pods”) in the flesh.

    Quite frankly, given the uproar about plastic in our oceans after Blue Planet ~16 months ago and all that Sir David & Co. have done since, I was pretty appalled by it… The coffee tasted no better than I can get by grinding beans at home and using a standard cafetiere, while the amount of plastic waste per cup is obscene.

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    Probably the villa was built/furnished by someone who hadn’t seen the the Blue Planet episodes or was even looking for trinkets that are deemed desirable to promoting said villa. You could’ve taken a punt on your deposit and lobbed it in the sea/landfill.

    Plus I think the issue of plastic in the oceans is probably less related to dense, first world, double-bagged, Veolia managed bin waste and more to do with the stuff that blows or is tipped into the world’s water courses. Not saying we aren’t all part of the problem but to single out Nespresso pods is unfair.

    Me – I have a Nespresso and quite like it but having seen the error of my ways will not replace it when it dies. For now though it stays as I simply can’t bear chucking stuff that works or can be easily fixed even if it gets disassembled and recycled.

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    Get an old style Nespresso machine and compostable Colonna pods.

    My business sells pods and beans from specialty roasters, so I have some experience in this area. Basic old style espresso machines and decent pods are your best bet for an espresso type of drink at this price point. Other options at that price either don’t produce anything resembling an espresso (Bialettis, Aeropress, etc) or tie you in to terrible quality pods (Nespresso Vertuo, etc)

    Doubtless several armchair experts will be on to contradict me in a bit, but you can make your own mind up regarding whom to trust.


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    I bought a cheap Nespresso machine off eBay to try out non-Nespresso pods. Started a thread here:

    Aluminium pods, while recyclable, aren’t that eco-friendly. Aluminium takes a huge amount of energy to produce. I’ve been using compostable pods as, in my mind, these are more acceptable.

    I’d approach this by asking what sort of coffee your wife likes, frothy milky type or short shots? Nespresso is the best of the pod machine bunch, and more eco-friendlier pod options are available for Nespresso than other machines. For frothy coffees I think you’d be looking at something like the De’Longhi Lattissima One. Bit over your budget if bought from Currys or similar. But have look on eBay and you might find a bargain return or clearance stock new machine.

    I’m not that bothered about spending 10 minutes carefully brewing the doings of a civet cat

    Good. The cats are kept under horrific conditions, essentially like battery hens.

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    make your own mind up regarding whom to trust.

    That trustworthy Alan bloke from the telly was convinced that these were the nuts too (sorry just being niggly).

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    We bought this one a couple of years ago for £120 in a black friday sale. It makes perfectly good coffee and the milk frother-thingy works well. It’s a bit of a pain to clean all the fiddly little tubes and connectors though.

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    Dolce Gusto machine that is OK. It’s very simple to use – our one you just twiddled the dial on top, which set the quantity of water & pressed the button.
    Coffee was OK (for the heathens) and it also did hot chocolate & stuff.

    All that.

    I can’t make a Latte by hand, either.

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    I like Maxwell house

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    I’ve got a Dolce Gusto machine. The coffee is perfectly acceptable to me. Is it as good as my local artisan coffee house? No. Is it quickly, relatively cheap and acceptable in quality? Absolutely yes.

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    Mrs Binners bought me a Tassimo. Its frankly the best present I’ve ever receiveid you gauge something by how much use it gets.

    I cut out the middle man and force-feed the used pods directly to dolphins

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    Thanks for all of the replies folks – helpful and wise as ever.

    Apologies for single-handedly trying to devastate rain forests, poison oceans and end all of human-kind. I’ll learn from the errors of my ways and try to be a better human.

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    Nespresso do a subscription which seems like a good deal to me. Obviously over a year it costs you more than the £100 budget, but you’ve getting coffee included in that. Comes down to how often it will be used really.
    This is the site for it

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    From next Thursday Lidl are selling the Tassimo for £39.99 reduced from £106.99 supposedly. Kenco pods for £2.99 for 16 not good for the planet though.

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    They say the best camera is the one you have with you. By extension, perhaps the best coffee machine is the one you actually use?

    I currently have a Bialetti stovetop moka pot, an Aeropress and a Tassimo machine I liberated from work after an office move. Over the years I’ve had drip filter machines and espresso / cappuccino machines.

    The Tassimo makes just-about-hot-enough coffee which is decent enough but not as good as any of the other solutions I have / have had, and of course it kills baby seals or something. Plus you’re limited in coffee choice to what’s in the pods. However, for raw convenience it’s really tough to beat; I can fall out of bed of a morning and have a brew ready in seconds, and there’s no faffing about with cleanup aside from running clean water through it occasionally. I’ve probably had more regular use out of it than any of the others, it gets used almost daily whereas the other machines were always more of a treat.

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    I’ve tried quite a lot. Proper coffee machine which i never really got a brew I enjoyed and often forgot to clean which turned it into an inconvenient device. Then tried dolce gusto which I returned as it was so poor I concluded it was faulty. (Prob 5-6 years ago so may be better now). Then tried a tassimo machine which produced a nice coffee. The Costa range of pods were very good and enjoyed the latte. Only issue was the cost of pods. This lime scaled up over a couple of years and for the past couple of years I’ve been running a nespresso machine. Leaps and bounds above anything else I’ve tried. It’s a £200 unit with milk frothier built in and it’s made me a perfectly consistent 2 shot latte/kind of flat white every morning for the past 2 years. I enjoy it more than any coffee from a starbucks or costa type cafe and costs me 66p. If it broke today I’d go straight down the shops and buy another. Mine is branded magimix I believe. I pick up 10 sleeves when passing nespresso shops and I’m so boring now I just buy the same purple pods every time. L’or pods are okay, aldi ones also but being plastic sometimes jam. Recently picked some emergency costa ones up as I was low on supplies and they make a superb drink

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    I’ve thought about getting a pod machine s few times over the last few years and have always been put of by the environmental impact as well as the apparent inability to actually make a mug of coffee. I finally gave in and bought a Nespresso vertuo machine in the black Friday sale for about £90, currently they are just over £100. It makes a good range of sizes from a very large mug to a single espresso shot so it’s a lot more useful than the old small Nespresso machines in my opinion.

    The capsules can now be recycled by Nespresso (they collect them or you can drop off in store)

    I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of the coffee overall. I’m sure some would say it’s awful.

    The key drawback is that currently there are no third party capsules available so you’re tied to Nespresso. Capsules for a mug come in around 50p a shot.

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    I have a nespresso lattissima touch.
    Use it mainly at weekends for the last two years with no problems. The milk jug thingy is easy to clean if you have a dishwasher.
    Pods are decent price and the coffee is decent and makes a good latte.

    There’s one on Amazon for around £159, it’s renewed whatever that means.

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    Hope I’m not late for the party. I’ve recently bought a Nespresso Inissia by De’Longhi and very happy about it. Its pressure is enough to make the exact crema I’m looking for in espresso. Buttons are completely customizable, that’s VERY convenient. Also, the price is just what you’re looking for. It obviously doesn’t froth milk, but for this budget, it’s not a con imo. Btw, I also read a lot of reviews before purchase
    P.S.: Congrats to Mrs Fazzini 😉

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    Another Tassimo fan here, but with the previso of a recycling drop off point a few streets away, so a detour on the dog walk when we gather a bagful is all it takes for me to reduce the guilt.

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     Nespresso vertuo…

    The key drawback is that currently there are no third party capsules available so you’re tied to Nespresso.

    The cynic in me might suggest this was the only reason for Nespresso to launch their Vertuo range…

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    we had a tassimo machine in the place i stayed at at teh weekend. my view was that while its better than instant its not much better. A caffetierre makes better coffee. I’ve a really cheap (circa £100) delonghi barista style coffe machine at home and its coffee/espresso is, quite frankly, amazing in comparison to teh tassimo.

    there is a nespresso machine don the hall where i work and i`ve used it and the coffe produced is actually ok. the waste though is shockign and its bloody expensive for teh pods.

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    The cynic in me might suggest this was the only reason for Nespresso to launch their Vertuo range…

    I was just looking at this – does the Vertuo thing accept regular pods too, or are they incompatible? Is there a machine which takes both?

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