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  • POC Omne Eternal Helmet Review: Self-Charging Rear Light
  • amandawishart
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    POC Omne Eternal features new Powerfoyle technology to charge an in-built rear light, that knows when it’s needed.

    By amandawishart

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    POC Omne Eternal Helmet Review: Self-Charging Rear Light

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    I like the idea, as mentioned above, I wish it was available in a colour other than black though. Feels like POC are missing a trick there.

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    Really good idea.

    Funnily enough I’ve just attached a tiny light from Decathlon onto the back of my Catlike with velcro.

    I like to have a light on the helmet as I think it is nice and noticeable.

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    £230 and not even MIPS? No thanks!

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    So we’re not doing sustainability any more? One crash (or after a couple of years if you are lucky) and it’s land fill, compete with the light and batteries.

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    I use a rear light on road regardless of light levels, so I’m guessing this isn’t bright enough to do that job.

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    No front-on photos of it being worn? I can imagine that’s cos it looks like you’re wearing a big black expensive mushroom on yer bonce.

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    @desperatebicycle there are pics of it on, swipe through the gallery that’s the last image in the story.

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    Looks like an £50 helmet with a £180 rear light. If I have read this correctly no MIPS? No visor. The tech is great, but to be honest I prefer the £8 (at Halfords) re-chargable rear light that I have clipped to the rear of my (less than £80 in a sale) Bell 4Forty helmet, with MIPS and a great movable visor. It will last a 5-6 hours on blink mode and I just re-charge it every other ride. On an MTB rider I wonder how long the recharging tech on this helmet will last after a few minor crashes?

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    SPIN is POC answer to MIPS. Better than MIPS as the helmet doesn’t wobble around. Is it safer?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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