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  • p8ddy

    In the market for a new lid. I like the look of the receptor and the trabec… Anyone had any experience of the brand/models?

    I recall a thread on here ages ago about a helmet brand (can’t remember if it was POC or not) where it seemed there was questionable quality control, so want to make sure my head is safe!! Had enough ops! 😀
    Not too bothered by weight (I’m a motorbiker too, so any bike helment will be light). Currently using a Giro Xen, which I quite like…

    Basically looking for opinions/experience of fit/quality etc.

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    Had a Giro Feature before which I liked. Now have a Trabec, which I also like, but I wouldn’t pay full price for one.

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    Hi, i had a receptor flow helmet and was comfy and fitted well. Did a grand job of saving my head to as had quite a bad stack. Got another but not tested this one to destruction! Would recommend them myself but search about as some deals to be had out there.


    Had a POC Trabec for a year now – like it a lot and it is the best fitting helmet I’ve owned.

    Tried on a Feature as previously and still occasionally used a Gyro Xen but the fit isn’t as good as the POC.

    I would say that the Trabec isn’t quite as well ventilated though.


    they fit well and look good on the shelf, but they always look MASSIVE once theyre on a persons head….fyi i dont own one


    was looking for a new snow helmet the other week. tried on a Receptor. it wasn’t a great fit on my bonce. ended up with something from Anon.

    agree with poster above.. the shells are massive. think the Trabec looks a bit special needs.


    Good info – Thank you!

    Oddly, I thought the POC helmets looked a bit less ‘massive mushroom head’ than the likes of the Giro Xen and other XC helmets – but that’s only going from pictures!

    I like the extra coverage they offer (or at least that they look like they offer).

    Guess I’m gonna have to go and try on, see just how massive my head looks in one! 😀


    Saw someone at cam carn I think it was with a purple POC helmet, looked awesome! I’d definitely have one but not pay a fortune for it!


    purple helmet….. 😯

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    I’ve been using the Trabec Mips version for the last couple of weeks, and would recommend one based on my experience so far. It’s a good fitting, comfortable helmet. Bought one because I reckoned it was the safest helmet in its class. IMO it is a pretty good looking helmet, and certainly less ‘special’ looking than the Urge Enduromatic it replaced. I paid £130 ish, not the £190 + some places are asking, and at that price I feel it was a good buy.

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