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  • Plush Hill Cycles, Great mates save a great day.
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    Church Stretton MTB Marathon yesterday, which was ace. The altered route was great (no Black Knoll climb- 4 climbs in one-result :D)
    Lots of traffic on the trails but you can’t complain about loads of people having the same idea as you.

    So after Batch valley (1st descent) the route contours around though the golf course and throws us up a steep climb. I’m on the gas powering away up the climb, there’s a very nasty noise and the chain slips. I stop, push up the last few meters and then get back on and ride the descent in to Cardingmill. Back end feels a bit loose, may be a spoke? Odd?
    In the valley a quick check of the rear wheel shows that my hub body has split. Loose spokes, wheel out of true and worst of all the engagement ratchet is moving in the body -that was the slipping chain.

    Arse biscuits. That’s me done, there’s no fixing that.
    At least I’m at Cardingmill, the venue is only down the road. As is the town centre………… hold on I’m having an idea……. and it might be a good one!

    Five minutes later I’m pulling up outside Plush Hill Cycles and saying hello to my old mates Al and Kate, who are giving me a “are you lost” look.
    Now although my Cotic Solaris frame came from them, the wheels didn’t, so we are purely in favours and mates territory here. But a plan was actioned, the rear wheel came out the back of Kate’s Solaris. a cassette/rotor change later and I was going like stink trying to catch my mates back up.

    Bloody brill. Ride completed and I dropped the wheel back with a bag the chinked when you moved it.

    So it seemed like my luck was out, but in fact when something crappy happened I was in the right place and lucky enough to have some good friends.

    A huge thank you Al & Kate.
    A big up for the Scott MTB Marathon Team for a great event.
    And Hi to everyone who I chatted to alone the way.


    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Just to add, my freshly rebuild hub has just arrived back from Hope.
    Broken on Sunday, posted on Monday. Back on Wednesday. I’ve no complaints, first gen pro2 that’s been well abused.
    So thank you Hope as well.

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