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  • benz

    Mother in law has a Grohe mixer shower.  This is fed by an electric pump.

    Recently low pressure plus pump pulsing when mixer turned to hot.

    Plumber came and diagnosed and replaced the thermostatic valve at a cost of £200 plus labor.

    The issue still exists.  He has now said that the issue is the cold water feed and will change the pipe work at approx another £200.

    I noted the water on and pressure control on the left turns about 5 turns open before it hits the stop.

    I wonder if it is this which is faulty rather than the other bits….

    Thoughts please?

    It had been working fine….

    Get a new plumber! I have a grohe mixer…. My symptoms of dodgy thermovalve were intermittent cycling between hot and cold. Cost me about £23 for the new wax valve.

    Sounds like water starvation to be honest… Blocked inlet to pump maybe? What electric pump is it? Most electric pumps have 15 or 22 mm flexible pipes with an inline filter mesh. These can clog up with debris and cause pulsing.

    Also the impellers in the pump can get filled over time with scale and crud and again cause the pump to cycle on and off.

    I would be looking at pump next.

    Turn pump off and let water flow by gravity…. That will tell you if there is a blockage somewhere. Turn from hot to cold.


    Thanks for the feedback.  Another plumber – who we trust – is going to have a look on Monday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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