Please recommend me a waterproof SPD shoe.

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  • Please recommend me a waterproof SPD shoe.
  • Inbred456

    Finally my faithfull old shimano mt 40’s have died. Sick of riding with damp feet and feel gore-tex may be the way forward. Thinking about the mt 71’s. What are you riding with and are they any good?

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    Northwave Celsius here. Wear your tights on the outside.


    I’ve been wearing mt71’s through pretty much the whole of the last year’s riding and they’ve held up really well. It helped that I got them half price using CRC’s voucher sale balls up but they are worth the outlay.


    I’ve been using Specialized Defrosters this winter and have been very happy with them….

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    I’ve got Defrosters; they’re good, but if they fill with water, they don’t empty again.



    Sidis are great but pricey, i have terrible circulation and they sorted the numb feet issue out


    Yeah kind of think it may be a bit of a damp one again this year. I’m a size 12 so find overshoes a bit of a stretch. Will probably ride with these most of the year unless it’s scorching ha! Can’t get away with Sealskins so think Gore tex maybe the way to go. Don’t suffer from cold feet generally so a full winter boot maybe a bit overkill. Thanks for the response.

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    +1 for Northwave Celsius.

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    Shimano Mt81. One size up. Ace.


    A mate of mine has a pair if these:

    Lake winter boots

    And raves about them. He’s a hard man but with ballerina’s feet so these are the only ones for him


    I’ve used MT91’s for a couple of years and wouldn’t go back to the MW81 style bootees.

    Having a proper sole makes such a difference to off the bike times and they are Gore lined.


    I’m a 12 too. I’ve had overshoes so you can get them (though I’d never use overshoes offroad). I’m not sure why you think sealskinz aren’t an option either.

    My solution is size 48 defrosters with sealskinz. Works very well in the cold in the winter and some of spring.

    But given you’re asking about all year round shoes, have a look at the N (for Nordic apparently) models from Shimano. My XC50N shoes are water proof (I’ve stood in a stream with them and stayed dry) but I’ve also used them in 35degree heat and I didn’t notice them being hot. Obviously water will come in over the tops but if you wear sealskinz with them, they could be a winter option.

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