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  • Please quit all this "DARKSIDE" nonsense
  • RealMan

    Must be hard

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    The farce is weak in this one.

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    “No-one like daft usage of odd words more than me. Except perhaps my wife. And a few of my wife’s friends. And my wife’s friends’ tennis partners. Come to think of it quite a few people like daft usages of odd words more than I do, but that’s not the point. Stop being silly this instant.”



    Seriously there’s more important stuff to worry about.

    And yes I do roading


    Imagine owning both a road and a MTB * and riding both 😯 What kind of crazy fool would do that I am with the OP roads are for cars GET OFF
    Darkside does not bother me it is an amusingly dismissive term used by fat people who would get utterly pwned if they even tried to do it.
    * actually go crazy have more than one of each

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    It also means ‘Oxford’
    Does this mean if you live in oxford and own a road bike you are double darkside?

    Darkside is snowboarding…


    Yeah! What he said!



    The only thing in this world that is nearly as good as mountain biking is road cycling. The only thing in the world better than mountain biking is rough stuff touring. All cycling is cycling and I can’t understand why the press, industry and enthusiasts segregate the different types 🙂

    People like pigeon-holes I guess

    P.S. Road cycling is harder than mountain biking x10

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    You’re doing it wrong 🙂


    it may be a mtb forum but when the mag reviews a drop bar singlespeed/fixie for commuting what do u expect to happen 😉
    i ride both and fully enjoy both,
    like 90% of the forum members i just like talking about bikes reguardless(sp) of shape,size and use

    Or even better, go to a road cycling forum!

    Says he who has started a thread about the DARKSIDE on a mountain bike forum. 😉 🙄

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    Some of us had a go at the Velodrome recently – toughest, most rewarding bit of dandyhorsing around I’ve done in ages.

    I’d like to try bicycle speedway next, or maybe bike polo.
    Actually, I’d really like a Darkside Longstaff trike.

    Anyone got one we could try?

    I prefer Dark Place.

    Road bike stuff should be discussed in the chat forum though.

    It is off topic, after all.

    I went out on a roadbike today. It was very odd. No low gears, rubbish brakes, no give in the tyres, but I din’t spin out at 30 mph.

    did I say rubbish brakes? I had to change my entire riding style.

    Forgive me STW for I have sinned


    I always knew Ronald was a bit dodgy.

    Nice pic there, Brick 🙂

    I never knew Lord Vader had a secondary cape projecting from his underpants. I have learnt my thing for the day.

    Love that Dearth Vader picture. I’ve just put it as my Facebook profile picture. 😀

    Odd it either says BIKE forum or chat forum, can’t see the link for MTB forum 😉

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    I like a bit of darkside biking, in fact I spent last week at mt ventoux just to ride my darkside bike. Tt should also be noted that I am a colossal pervert. Animal, vegetable, or mineral I’ll do anything TO anything

    Premier Icon kimbers

    darkside is just a way of making road riding sound less dull
    it should be put in the tragic box along with steed, stable etc

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    Just squeeze harder TJ 🙂

    Have you bought one then?

    Good fun innit?

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    must admit I slightly try not to read threads with it in the title but I quite like road riding – did a bit today, in fact (it was good, I was awesome)

    kimbers + 1 million.

    Rusty – resurrected the bike thats been hanging on the wall for 20 years. I can’t believe I used to ride it offroad

    I like cycling. I have 2 x mtb and 2 x road bikes. I find both disciplines compliment each other ie road helps my mtb climbing fitness, mtb helps my bottle when in comes to descending at speed on road also riding fast over loose surfaces.
    Try it you may like it.


    While we’re at it, can we be rid of all this “overbiked” nonsense as well please?


    As far as I am concerned, ‘Darkside’ is the name of a northshore trail in Scotland.

    I’ve not got a clue where it all started here with people using it to mean ‘Road Cycling’, but IMHO it is just daft.

    Please just say ‘Road Cycling’ or even just ‘Road’.

    Or even better, go to a road cycling forum! Why does it need to be discussed in a MTB forum? How many threads on the popular road forum have ‘muddyside’ posts?

    I’m in Oxford, sorting out my roadbike, listening to this…


    How frickin’ darkside am I?!

    But yeah, why don’t we call it road riding?

    Meh [too busy riding my dandyhorses to care]


    TSY – any idea what that first track is? Haven’t heard it before and tis rather good.


    I’ve not got a problem with road cycling, just the term ‘darkside’ to describe it seems a bit… juvenile?

    I guess it is a forum meme, and that’s ok, just something about it bugs me.

    Sorry Chvck, no idea.

    7hz – I don’t actually think it is a forum meme. I was spotted out on my road bike, shortly after I got it, by a roadie that goes to my gym. He’s a classic MAMIL and doesn’t have an mtb… ‘joined the darkside then have we?’ is what he said to me. Go figure.


    If road = Darkside, does that mean that CX = Shadyside? 😛


    And on a road bike forum darkside refers to recumbents…..


    It annoys me as well. If anything it’s the poncey light side 😛

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Rusty, have a look for trike conversions, you can try out a trike without splashing out a gazillion on a longstaffe

    (my uncle has a longstaffe tandem trike, purple and cool as… very languid to ride though)

    Dibbs – Member
    If road = Darkside, does that mean that CX = Shadyside?

    I misread that as ‘Shandyside’ for a second then 😉

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