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  • Please identify this mixer tap cartridge (not an exciting thread!)
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    OK, so helping a neighbour with his leaking taps, finally got the cartridge out and it looks like this

    [url=]20210502_102056[/url] by aus23, on Flickr

    [url=]20210502_102038[/url] by aus23, on Flickr

    Struggling to find what make it is/where to get a replacement. It’s a push fit with a separate locking nut.

    The tap has been bonded solid to his sink and plumbed directly into metal pipes, with virtually no access to it so changing the whole tap is not something I’m keen on doing.

    Anyone recognise the cartridge??

    [url=]20210502_102020[/url] by aus23, on Flickr

    [url=]20210430_175158[/url] by aus23, on Flickr

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    Clean the tap off the best you can. Somewhere under the smurf there should be a brand/name, it may be very worn and faded by now. It may be on the back so use a mirror. Then it’s an internet search game. No name means guessing and ordering what looks the same.

    I love plumbers who solder taps in without flexys and isolation valves🤬

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    Look at Lunns tap spares might have something.

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    I was advised to just take it into a plumbers merchants and they’ll try to find a match. Worked for my old kitchen tap. I did go to an independent/old skool shop rather than a trade outlet type place that would rather sell you a new tap though

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    As above re taking it along to a plumber’s merchant. Failing that and depending of course on what’s causing it to drip you could just change the ceramic. Not being in the business I’ve not seen all that many taps but the ones I’ve taken apart all had the same ceramic discs. You could split any cartridge you’ve got around to compare or cannibalise for parts, bought alone they’re about a fiver.

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    Full Member helped me identify one once. Send them that pic and they will try and help.

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    I did the same to identify the ones in our bathroom taps. Found an online place, sent them a few pics and they sorted me with replacements.

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