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  • Please help sad Luddite.
  • Olly

    rockshock u turn forks, if you use them wound down, knock.

    clunk clunk they go.

    its not a fault, and not a problem, its play in the U turn assembly, but if your going to go with rockshox go with some that are fixed at 120, or Maxium 120.

    dont bother with 150s and just think “oh i’ll just run them wound down”

    itl drive you nuts.

    you COULD get some fixed travel ones, and a travel reducer kit, which would give you the benefit of stiffness from a 150, but with less travel. (and you can always swap out the travel reduction for a longer setup if you ever change your frame)


    Mine didn’t.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    U-Turn Revs. Crikey, they still havent sorted that clunking?
    My 140mm’s clunk, but it stops if fully wound in or fully-out.
    Its awful to ride with in between. Sounds bad.
    If buying again I’d go the fixed rute & reduce internally.
    It has come in handy though, I’ve de-commissioned my FS & built up an 100mm HT for the winter.

    There was a video of a really bad example on the net.


    Riding a clunker is bad enough though; I was thinking about running them at 120 the majority of the time 😕


    i’d say f120’s definately,don’t like rockshox,but thats just my opinion.


    As seen on other threads, I’m a little behind with modern fangled technology 🙁

    I’m looking to get some 120mm forks and am thinking ’09 Fox F120 or ’10 RS Rev Team 120/150mm based on the odd thread on t’interweb and current deals.

    At 13.5 stone of toned muscle and being more into day rides than massive air; am I on the right lines?



    RS everytime, don’t like the way Fox fall apart, IMHO of course

    None of my U-turn forks, (2x reba’s & 1 x rev’s) knock or have ever knocked & I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the issues.. so majorly widespread then?


    If you don’t mind regular seal servicing then I’d got for the Fox’s – I installed the enduro seals on my old 120’s and have them on my Talas’s and they are spot on with regards to stantion wear 🙂

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