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  • Please help me here… NEED new shoes, and I'm stuck!
  • cynic-al

    Thanks guys, the clothing threads on here are ALWAYS the funniest.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Fox shoes are crap but the jeans are pretty good, if you like that sort of thing- nice heavy, Quicksilver-like feel to them.


    Get one of those M and M direct brochures and pick a pair of shoes. If this is as big a problem as you’re making out you’re doing pretty good.


    double post

    Cynical. You know you can always bog off if as you certainly seem to never actually contribute to the forum.
    Just use and abuse it’s function!

    Whytf for, retoricle Q btw!


    Blimey, I should have a sign off.

    EDIT OIAL my post was not aimed at yours, just a few previous ones and how seriously folk take clothing (and I’m not saying I don’t, I’m just not going to tell everyone here that my dress sense is right, like Tootall et al)

    cynic-al, not taking the internet too seriously since 2003.


    I’m sure you don’t see Tony Hawk wearing a pair of M&S’ finest brown sensible slip ons these days whilst he’s pulling 540’s out of a half pipe

    I’m quite sure that you aren’t Tony Hawk and require skate shoes to pull off 540s in your daily life. Picking the exception to a rule is never a great defence. If I had a brand to promote, I’d probably wear that brand.

    I wish I were the rebel you are, with your high street brands and yoof cool. I’m as middle aged as you are – I just don’t rigidly stick to clothes of my youth.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Bench and Superdry are both brands of Americana, a Manchester based clothing company.

    Oscar Wilde was pretty right about fashion.

    No worries cynicool ! 😀

    As for superdryturdburglingbrand they are a chelters born and bred which I cringe at seeing CHELtS so called elite posing in and was utterly dumbfounded when asked in first visited chelt store (time to kill) whar’s the most anyone has spent in one transaction to be met with the answer of a few select customers have deposited £5k in one visit.

    I actually felt queezy at that point so left almost immediately!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    What are Patagonia trainers like Mattoutandabout?

    the clothing threads on here are ALWAYS the funniest.

    Agreed. Is there anything this forum won’t argue about?

    Granted, mboy doesn’t appear to like being told things, but let him get on with dressing like a 25-year-old if he wants to. It’s a free country and there’ll be more Asda trainers/brogues/luminous techno slippers for the rest of you.

    Premier Icon easygirl

    1, type vans in google
    2,top advert sell vans
    3, go onto site
    4, click on vans old school

    He hard can it be

    Ahhhh. Google is your friend @mboy!


    Go here for vans



    Last pair of etnies i bought from them were only £25, plus they do half sizes.

    Premier Icon Woody

    What are Patagonia trainers like Mattoutandabout?

    I have a pair of those in the pic ^^ and they appear very well put together! My main gripe is that although they appear hard wearing and comfortable in most circumstances, they are really poor when walking downhill, as my foot slips forward and I end up with really uncomfortable toes even when done up much tighter than I would normally have a trainer. Not something I’ve encountered before and otherwise they are a perfect fit!

    I also have a pair of those Salomon ‘slip-on’ mesh things as ^^ and they are a truly crap design as your heel constantly slips out. They either need a stronger elastic (will do before next holiday) or a stiff heel panel to stop them falling off.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Thanks guys, the clothing threads on here are ALWAYS the funniest.


    Gotta agree actually, ironically. I knew how this would degenerate as it has, but I also knew that someone out there might at least be able to help me (thank you to the few that have! A BIG thank you!). Thing is, even more than the nazi’s who will try to tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to ride, the world is full of nazi’s trying to tell you how to dress! I don’t care a single jot for them, so am quite happy just ignoring it all…

    Granted, mboy doesn’t appear to like being told things, but let him get on with dressing like a 25-year-old if he wants to.

    I don’t get why people would comment if they can’t be constructive when someone is asking for help. I find it a bit odd, but I’m used to it on here now. That you feel the need to, in your own way, criticise my fashion (or not) choices serves no purpose whatsoever other than to confirm just how many people out there actually still (sadly) judge each other based upon what they’re wearing. I couldn’t give a stuff! I like Skate style trainers, I like the look, I find them comfortable and practical, and well… That’s more than enough justification to me! They work very well for riding bikes on flat pedals too.

    Besides, I might be 32, but you’d think I was 22 if you met me! 😉


    Surely the only appropriate outfit for a go-getting 32 year-old cyclist these days is a midnight-blue velvet double-breasted suit and patent leather loafers.

    Wonder if those shoes are SPD compatible.


    Fascism has got nothing to do with bike or clothing choices mboy.It is a much more serious matter.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Man asks for fashion advice on stw

    Man gets the hump when people take the piss and ignores advice

    Mboy = the chat forums Hora

    Premier Icon chakaping

    mboy – I wasn’t criticising your fashion sense at all, although I can see why you thought that. I was just observing that you don’t take criticism well (aka taking the piss).

    I wear skate/BMX trainers myself and I have a hoody on as I type. In my mid-30s I dabbled with dressing like a grown-up, but as I approach 40 and work from home I’ve reverted to the clothes I find comfy.

    As a wise person pointed out above, you continuing to dress like you did in your mid-20s, not dressing like someone currently in their mid-20s.

    Hence skate shoes are the modern equivalent of slip-on shoes, or something.


    I’ve got the usual leather “smart” shoes for work but in terms of trainers, I’m currently wearing Vans Stage 4:

    And for a slightly less casual but still more or less acceptable in smart situations, a pair of blue suede brogues (they’re quite normal out here)

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