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  • Please educate me on rear shocks
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    First thing if it’s going back again why not try and get it replaced under warranty from Transition.
    Next there are different tunes in rear shocks, different tunes suit different suspension styles so getting the right tune is important.
    Best idea is get hold of one of the shock specialists (LOCO, TF etc) and have a chat about what your after.


    I believe the additional air volume supplied by having the can on provides a more linear spring rate. because there is more air in total, but the amount of air being compressed in the shock remains the same, the pressure rises less for a given amount of shock travel.

    guess to keep the same overall travel, under the same bump conditions, you might start with a higher pressure. not sure.


    It maybe the case the RS monarch have improved lately, but Fox tend to be the masters of the air shock arena. Unless there a really big problem with yours (doesn’t sound great admittedly) I personally wouldn’t expect a RS shock to be better.
    If your really want to replace it, I’d suggest you look into coil shocks, no they don’t tend to have the fancy ‘settings’ options but do tend to be very reliable and better if your heading towards more and more bigger hit territory.

    I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with the Fox shock supplied with my Covert (boost adjust Kashima), and to top it all its looking like I’ll be sending it back a second time under warranty for the cavitation issue, so now have doubts over the robustness of the thing. I’m considering getting a Rockshox Monarch shock to test out and then flog whichever one i least like. I was looking at the Monarch RT3 (seems similar to the Fox unit in terms of features), but then spied the RC3 which has the addition of the smaller air can. I’m not sure what this smaller additional air can does and if it is something that will benefit me. I’m running a Transition Covert 29 with 140mm travel and use the bike for typical trail stuff and jumps and drops you find on downhill trails in woods and at trail centres, so upto 3 feet in height, with ambitions for trips to the Alps.

    I really want a fit and forget style shock which is why I thine the three way switches for climb, trail and descend duties.


    I did spend extra to upgrade from the Monarch on the strength of the accepted wisdom that the Fox cans are better. I guess to me it feels a little numb and no matter how much I fiddle with air pressure and rebound settings I can’t get it to feel much different. Maybe a chat with MoJo on tuning might be a more sensible initial step. I’m still concerned about the robustness though. Having the better shock is no consolation if its continually going in to be fixed.

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    Well, what I did with mine after not liking the performance and then not liking the PUSH tune, I went to Avalanche Racing.

    Get a second hand DHX shock (unless they mod other ones now) get Craig to custom tune it for you and upgrade to the SSV compression. The only warning I’ll give is that you’ll love the shock so much you’ll end up hating your forks (until you fit one of his cartridges to the forks as well).

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