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  • Please donate yr best salad recipe?
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    Tonight was going to do shepherds pie and had second thoughts on account of the waves of heat in our kitchen so I raided the crisper and veg basket. More by fortune than judgement it turned out ace! But I want more, especially now I’m getting excited about salad it’s unusual! This made such a gobtastic meal with the spuds, that I nearly forgot about the omelette. All 3 together?

    ‘Full meal’ salad recipes even better. What have you got? 🙂

    Fresh Onion and Fennel Salad Recipe

    1 x med/large diced onion (ideally half a red onion, half a brown onion)
    I large thickly-grated carrot
    1/3 fresh fennel bulb chopped small, incl all small leaves at top.
    half a yellow pepper diced
    4-5 small whole vine tomatoes and/or 3 diced fresh tomatoes
    Handful washed rocket rocket


    Salt shake
    White pepper shake
    3 shakes of balsamic vinegar
    1 shake of garlic granules
    1 x teaspoon finely chopped fresh mint
    1 x 1 x tablespoon mayonnaise ( I use Hellman’s Vegan, as find it lighter and fresher-tasting)

    Mix all ingredients together in salad bowl until combined evenly.

    Serve with:

    Small new/Jersey potatoes, boiled, buttered and minted.


    (3 egg) mushroom, grated cheese and broccoli omelette. (Chop fine and stir fry broccoli and mushrooms before adding the seasoned* eggs and grated cheese mix)

    * 1/2 teaspoon all purpose seasoning, shake of garlic granules, ground black pepper.

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    Salads need to be kept simple.
    bag of salad
    Few sprigs of asparagus (is sprig the right word?!)
    1 poached egg
    3 or 4 boiled and buttered new potatoes
    Maybe a slice or 2 of crispy, streaky bacon
    Grate a few slices of Parmesan on top and you’re sorted.

    Or a simple, Greek salad.
    Good tomatoes
    Red onion
    Shed load of feta
    Lashings of good olive oil
    Then throw over some dried oregano
    Add good bread as you see fit.

    Premier Icon grum
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    Panzanella is an excellent summer salad-y thing

    Premier Icon p7eaven
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    washed rocketrocket

    Just the one! Sorry for various typos, blame edit-window stress

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    I like Pasta Salad, with butter fried chicken, Peppers, Spring Onion, Raddish, Avocado, Tomatoes, and other things that slip my mind. What really makes it though, is tearing up a load of Serrano ham and throwing that in. Just a bit of Mayo mixed in. Yum Yum.

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    Remove slugs, aphids, caterpillars & eat.

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    Diced watermelon, crumbled feta cheese and either fresh mint or basil, finely chopped. Decent splash of olive oil over the top. Goes great with meat-heavy BBQs. The feta is salty enough already, you don’t need to add any more salt.

    Finely chop an onion and fry it until starting to caramelise. Add a can of cooked+drained lentils, stir for a while then allow to cool. Crumble feta into it, then stir in a couple of teaspoons of mint sauce.

    Or the classic: ripe tomato, make sure it’s at room temp if you’ve been keeping it in the fridge, slice it, splash of olive oil and a decent amount of salt.

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    Chèvre Chaud has to be my favourite. Go for usual mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber. Toast some walnuts. Toast some sliced baguette and liberally spread goats cheese on and put in the oven or under the grill. Layer on top of the salad, drizzle with honey and decent home made vinaigrette. Finally sprinkle on the walnuts and personally I really like a handful of raspberries too. Best. Salad. Going.

    Premier Icon frankconway
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    My only additions to any/all would be gooseberry chutney and caperberries.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    Or a simple, Greek salad.

    This. Really hard to beat with the right ingredients (as listed).

    Did a nice rice salad the other day. It was mostly copied from here.

    With added olives. Always something like olives, toasted seeds, lardons for flavour and you can’t go far wrong.

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    Remove slugs, aphids, caterpillars & eat.

    Then what do you do with the salad?

    Premier Icon jodafett
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    Grated carrots (lots)
    Toasted pine nuts
    Sliced mandarins
    Fresh coriander
    And top off with crushed poppadoms

    Thank me later!

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    This is from Honey & co

    For the salad
    2 small red onions, peeled and sliced as thinly as possible
    1 tsp sumac (or juice of 1 lemon)
    seeds from 1 pomegranate
    1 large bunch of parsley
    pinch of salt
    1 tbsp olive oil

    Mix the ingredients about 45 minutes before serving.

    Premier Icon grum
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    Tabbouleh is great also, maybe inside some nice fresh gem lettuce.

    Premier Icon pondo
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    Grapes for the win. See also nuts, seeds, and mackerel in olive oil. Dressin’? We don’t need no stinking dressin’! 🙂

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    Add Waldorfs

    (also, somewhere in deepest Ramsbottom, a man is having a salad induced heart attack just reading this. Expect big things on this weeks fat friday…)

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    I am a big fan o=f a greek salad.

    leaves plus crunchy stuff ( celery, cucumber, peppers) plus some onions and green beans ( blanched). tomatoes that have been sat in salt and vinegar ( just a pinch and a splash) for a bit to make them yummy, olives load of olive oil over the top feta cheese in cubes

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    Take 1 wife to Waitrose
    Wait in car for 30 – 40 minutes simmering gently in the heat
    Remove wife from supermarket and place carefully into the kitchen
    Take large Pimms into the garden and ponder life for approximately 45 minutes
    Return to a beautiful salad ready to eat
    Take a chilled bottle of white from the fridge and compliment the wife on how well we work together

    Premier Icon sparksmcguff
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    Good call on a thread.
    Mixed green leaves, nothing fancy, peas, a couple of boiled eggs sliced, salad cream.

    Premier Icon sirromj
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    lettuce marmite

    Premier Icon labsey
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    Apple, grapes, nuts and some mixed leaves. Feta is always a winner too.

    Premier Icon grum
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    For authentic Greek salad just stick the full block on top of it 🙂

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    For authentic Greek salad just stick the full block on top of it don’t let the wife shave for a month

    Premier Icon ElShalimo
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    There was an article in the Guardian recently on potato salads

    This one is really nice

    Premier Icon slowoldman
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    We’ve recently taken to using Chinese cabbage in salads (it was initially bought to have a go at kimchi). That along with whatever is in the fridge makes up the salad du jour. So tonight:
    Shredded Chinese cabbage
    Sliced onion
    Sliced mooli (white radish also bought with kimchi in mind)
    Mix the above dress with french dressing.
    Add on top sliced beetroot, tomato, sliced new potatoes, more dressing.
    Top with tuna mixed with half a tin of mixed beans, sliced olives and capers.

    We also had broccoli in danger of going yellow so sliced thinly, dressed with soy sauce/sesame oil mix. Served separately. Surprisingly pleasant raw.

    Bottle of Vouvray.

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    I’ve done a few of the recipes from The Mediterranean Dish and they have all been good.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    A load of the lettuce of your choice, and some salt. If you’re feeling fancy you can take the clipshears out of the lettuce

    Premier Icon p7eaven
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    Some great ideas thnks and only one joke about salad = lettuce! Top notch 🙂, keep them coming, pastry-dodgers…

    Apple & Walnut salad. (With blue cheese)

    I made this ^, with bulgur & dairy-free with Violife Greek white block. 💯 It totally twizzled the tastebuds (in a good way, ohmygod-UH!)

    Another addition to any salad that’s been ace= pan-fried almonds w/cinnamon & pan-fried cherry toms

    fry the almonds in a splash of olive oil with the cinnamon for two minutes.

    From Nigel Slater:

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Some great ideas thnks and only one joke about salad = lettuce!

    It is my best salad recipe, as requested!

    Premier Icon BillMC
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    P7 for the win but we need space for fresh figs and balsamic

    Premier Icon p7eaven
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    It is my best salad recipe, as requested!

    for fresh figs and balsamic

    Never tried that. Noticed recently that one of our neighbours have figs wasting on the tree, I’ll see if I can beat the birds to a few! #seedymanoeuvresafterdark

    Thought about adding some fat juicy sultanas or some of those flame raisins, and maybe a few smoshed hazelnuts.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo
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    Figs, duck breast, spring onions honey, soy plus leaves of your choice

    Premier Icon nickc
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    Thank me later!

    Thanks! just had this for lunch and can confirm it’s delicious!

    Mine is a simple; Caprese; slice ripe tomato and mozzarella lay alternately on a plate, few basil leaves, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar dressing on top, salt/pepper to taste.

    Premier Icon jaminb
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    It’s not rashioned I was half way through when I read the thread

    Premier Icon danreilly
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    Marouli salata

    Romaine lettuce chopped

    Mild onions

    Jarred chickpeas


    Fresh dill

    Olive oil




    Thank me later.

    Premier Icon mogrim
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    Went for an apple & walnut salad with blue cheese as a side this evening. And very nice it was, too.

    Premier Icon joshvegas
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    Chips & Mushy Peas.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Punnet of Lidl Piccolo tomatoes, some vintage cheddar. Eat.
    Add something else if you’re feeling pretentious.

    Premier Icon p7eaven
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    Two winners here ^ ( Even though think ‘piccolo’ sounds like a pretentious tomato)

    Now I want chips.


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