Please can someone review the Trangia Mini?

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  • Please can someone review the Trangia Mini?
  • mildred

    Looking for basic, robust, foolproof stove for bivvy trips with my young son.

    He’s 7 and desperate to have an “adventure”. I’m looking at a bit of wild camping/bivvying but most of my kit is more car camping style – Coleman multi fuel stove etc.

    How do people rate the little Trangia? Fannying around with one in the shop it seemed spot on; stable, robust etc. whereas the gas stoves all seemed a bit unstable. What are lighter alternatives?


    I’ve got a Mini Trangia. It’s good but needs a windshield. A breeze makes it flare quite badly and reduces the performance quite significantly.

    We’ve also used a trangia burner with a Honey Stove and a Zebra pot (12cm I think). The pot is big enough to get a couple of army ration packs in.

    Honey stove is excellent. Again, needs a windshield but you can burn wood with it.

    Anyway, is the mini trangia worth it? Yes.

    Hope this helps.


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    Used one for years, worked for me, I don’t doubt there are benefits to gas ones but I’m not in a hurry when camping.


    I used one for a months bike touring in france in may/june and it did me proud ,but as above you really need a windshield.


    They’re okay but for adventure bonus points get a hive stove and a trangia burner that fits it perfectly to form thd stand and wind sheild.

    That way you can make wood fire and micro bbq too 🙂

    My favourite bit of kit along with a Kelly Kettle. Not perfect but has never let me down and I like not having to cart and recycle cartridges. Have used a Trangia Mini for a good 14 years, replaced the burner once after about 10 yrs.

    It’s well-designed with the saucepan also being the carry-case, the non-stick frying pan becoming the lid, the handle becoming a spring to keep everything from rattling when packed up. I use an alloy fuel flask for spirits.

    The baffle/flame control is the only fiddly thing and it takes a bit of skill to get the flame how you like, but let’s face it it’s mostly for boiling things, heating things and frying bacon or eggs – not for organising and cooking anything complicated.

    I also bought the mini Trangia kettle to use on it. That too is great, but I forgot to leave the handle up once and melted the black coating on it.

    In short I’ve found the set to be reliable, well-designed and durable as long as my cooking expectations aren’t above its abilities.

    *Edit – +1 for a windshield if on open terrain, though I normally rig something with rocks or whatever.


    Great little bit of kit!


    I used one on a 3 month cycling tour. As above, reliable, effective and easy to use.
    Investigated something bigger for family camping this year and ended up with Trangia again!

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    Have used trangia 27s for years. Not tried a mini, but worth a look


    Make a penny stove with him. Pleanty of desings on Zen stoves.

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