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  • PLEASE can someone help me replace my Superstar freehub?
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    First off, I can’t post images on here (and yes, I have looked in forum help) so I’ll try to explain.

    I’ve removed the old Switch freehub. I now have an axle with a top hat thingy at the freehub end. Under the top hat is a grooved collar. When I push the new freehub on from the other end of the axle it won’t go past the collar. I have tried to remove the top hat while gripping the axle in a vice, and I’ve tried to drift the collar down the axle (although I can’t actually tell whether it’s separate from the top hat).

    Right now I’m thinking new wheel but there must be a way of sorting it mustn’t there?

    I would really appreciate any help.


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    If you won’t post pics then it is going to be hard.

    1. Take some photos
    2. Open a Tinypic account
    3. Upload them
    4. grab the code marked “IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards” and paste the whole lot into the text box. This is all the code you need, do not click anything else, just this text as is.

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    Email image if you’re still struggling and I’ll bob it up.

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    Difficult without pics but Superstar axles are dead easy to remove/swap out with a pair of 17mm cone spanners. The top hat is the end cap – both the axle and top hat have spanner flats and top hat should just unscrew allowing the axle to slide out. Although if you didn’t have to remove the top hat to remove the old freehub then I can’t imagine why you’d have to remove it to fit the new one. Sorry, that’s not much help, I know 😕

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    Thanks very much for your thoughts guys. I had looked at the Superstar guide before, but after a closer look at the exploded diagram figured out that “collar” under the top cap was actually the bearing race which had welded itself to the axle and was left behind when I removed the freehub. Once I knew it should come off I just hit it with the Really Big Hammer until it gave in.Sorted now! 😀

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