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    My son has just put one on his Christmas list, we’ve been a Wii house until now. Can someone point me at a reasonable guide to what’s what, and what to avoid. Can I get all the catch up TV on one? Is slimmer better? Can I just whack any hard drive in? Cheers.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Hard drives are replaceable and you can get most streaming video services on it like lovefilm but check out for exact specs. It’s also DNLA certified and will find other DNLA devices on your network.

    The PS4 has just come out so there should be some good deals on the PS3, slim doesn’t matter and depending on what you intend to do depends on how big you want the HDD to be.

    They’re great BluRay players!


    I’ve got one of the 500GB super slim ones and have barely filled the HDD on it. Should be some good deals to be had with the release of the PS4 in a couple of days (I was in Game earlier and am trying to remember what deals they had running). You can get them with certain games bundled in as well.

    They come with iPlayer, Lovefilm and Netflix (IIRC) and possibly 4OD as well but not certain.

    Funnily enough I have just replaced my Wii with a new WiiU and it is great fun (and performance wise its pretty close to the PS3/Xbox 360 IMO)

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’ve been doing my homework on these lately; my observations are:

    Ebay – full of new eBay members with 0 feedback selling what I suspect are ones with the “Yellow Light of Death”.

    First gen (called FAT in the lingo) are all dying (that are for sale)

    The ‘slim’ are the secondhand choice; in whatever GB you fancy.

    The ‘superlim’ are lacking in same level of quality as previous (from reviews, not opinion) but however, you can get a 12GB (which although low memory, is some clever arsed HD rather than the usual solid state thing) for £129 instore at Asda, with some trendy Assassins Creed game, which will obviously come with warranty.

    If this helps!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    yes 4OD but it crashes on the built in app, to use it bookmark it in the app then open the page in the browser and save as a favourite

    you can also use it as a media server from your PC which is nice
    redbull TV doesnt work in the browser tho

    we use ours loads as a bluray/ media centre, very rarelyplay games on it
    sony tv n stuff synchs via bravia synch too which is nice

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    yes 4OD but it crashes on the built in app, to use it bookmark it in the app then open the page in the browser and save as a favourite

    That’s been fixed, new apps been on there for a while now.

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    I had an old fat one which died earlier this year. ‘Fixed’ it thrice, it lasted about 3 hours each time.

    Bought a 12gb super slim, and added the HDD from the original one. The only difference between the 12gb and the others in the super slim is the inclusion of a 2.5″ HDD, but you pay over the odds – I’d buy a 12gb and an external hard drive when required. I didn’t download or stream content, but had about 40 games and never filled my original 60gb one.


    buy a 500gb one
    ive filled mine (320gb) and have to delete games when i want to put more on. ive no movies or pics etc just games
    its better to have to much than not enough. like above there is loads of good deals out there. buy a slim not a fat one if you still can get fat that is.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I was going to buy a 12Gb and add storage, but then I found a 500Gb and Last Of Us for what turned out quite a bit cheaper if I were going to buy the game. I looked it up and it was the sort of thing I might buy anyway so I got it 🙂

    That was only a few months ago. I could’ve waited for PS4 but the 3 is our main media player for the whole family – we hardly ever watch TV any more it’s all DVDs, Blurays, Netflix, iPlayer and games through the machine. When we eventually get a PS4 it’ll just be a second media device for another room.

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