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  • busydog

    Have gotten intrigued by possibly getting either a PS4 or Xbox One.
    Any thought from the STW crowd who have any experience with either or both as which is the best (for adult game use primarily)?


    A work colleague got both and said he preferred the interface etc of the ps4, but ultimately it will come down to who brings out the better games

    Premier Icon andyfla

    I believe he was asking for the hive mind’s opinion.

    So rather than having the internets opinion he wanted a middle age blokes opinion


    Premier Icon zilog6128

    There’s very little between them in terms of graphic spec, etc, so you can’t really say one is “best”. Just like the previous gen, it will come done to what exclusives you want to play, which controller you like best and (possibly) which one fits best in your living room as a “media centre”.


    I’m waiting to see what Games are offered before making the Jump. Still a fair few games i have bought that need to be finished on the Xbox 360 first. Just bought a new one of them as my old white one started to munch discs.

    I do enjoy the Fable,Gears of War and Forza Games on Xbox. Don’t care which is the most powerful, just want good games. Will wait till Autumn next year i think.


    I’ll most get a PS4 when inFamous Second Son comes out if they do a bundle deal and it gets OK reviews (loved the other two inFamous games).

    Mate has just got one and he likes it. Though it may be best to wait, see if X-Box 60Hz/50Hz issue is resolved, especially if you watch footy.


    Your decision should be made on the exclusive game titles and also what system your mates have if you’re into online multiplayer/coop.

    I’ve read that the PS4 is 50% more powerful but if a particular game you want to play is exclusive to Xbox then what does it matter?

    The 50Hz/60Hz thing is only an issue if you plan to watch TV through the Xbox One, I’d be surprised if they didn’t patch it.


    Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
    I obviously need to do some homework as to specific games as well as the system itself.
    I won’t be watching TV through it, so the Hz issue probably wouldn’t matter.


    give it a year for the bugs to appear and be fixed, and to see what exclusive games come on each consul. also it will give the game developers time to get more from each system.


    Too early to say really, PS4 supposedly has the edge in performance at the moment but it’s not massive and once the devs get more experienced on the platforms the gap will likely shrink (and probably get to the point the FPS difference is so small it won’t really matter). Platform exclusives would be the biggest deciding factor at the moment (and possibly if you have existing previous generation games).
    I see it going the way the last generation did, PS4 taking the early advantage but then Microsoft throwing so much money at the XBox One (and getting more and more exclusives + dropping the price faster) that eventually the XBox One will be the bigger seller.


    I was fixed on the idea of a PS4 but I’ve always loved the Forza games and the new one looks absolutely astounding. Bit undecided now. I’ll be waiting till after christmas.


    I had a PS 1, then 2 but decided on the xbox last time round. As there’s no backwards compatibility I think i’ll go PS4 this time – just for the change. Besides i like to spread my wealth about 😆

    It’s a winter toy for me so likely to be this time next year. Give things time to settle down on the hardware/software front and maybe save £100 on the price.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    These days I tend to buy in the second year too.
    Only a nintendo launch title can tempt me otherwise. As the Wii U didn’t have any Mario/Zelda games I stuck to it, so Wii U this year, PS4 next most likely.


    Leave it a year, pick up all the decent ps3/x360 games cheap on ebay, see who has the best library. Although with this generation I think it may take a couple of years to get enough top games to make me “upgrade”. And by then I’ll probably just have a steambox!

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer


    That Southpark Game of Thrones / PS4vsXBone / Black Friday triple ep is good so far. Dunno about there, but have to wait until something like 15th Dec for the last installment here.

    Does anyone actually have a WiiU?

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Yes, but it’s waiting for Christmas.
    My boys will love Zelda Windwaker (I played it on Gamecube).
    I’ll have a go with Mario 3D World.
    Mario Kart 8 will be when it gets the most use though.

    Over Christmas we’ll probably have extended family playing Nintendoland too.

    To be honest, I have so little time for gaming that the next Zelda will be the only game I really make the time to play.

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