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  • quick poll, how often do you ride at your local trails each month
    and how often do you get in the car and drive somewhere.

    n.b. if you drive to the local trails (e.g. sheffield, drive into Hope etc) that counts in the first lot. But driving to the Lakes would be in the second lot.

    Reason I’m asking, seen that vito in the classifides, and tempted to use it to get abbout the country a bit, maybe even every weekend. Reason being theres not much riding from my doorstep (Reading) so im thinking of getting a car to drive the 10-20 miles needed to get to anywhere. By which point I may as well drive to scotland/wales/peaks/lakes for the weekend and get in some propper big rides in propper countryside. Not a cheep or environmentaly sound option, but could be fun!


    I ride when I can, where I can. Sometimes its local (and I generally drive there too because its just too far for me to manage all-in at my current fitness, plus I’d wear down my mud tyres by the time I got there!) and sometimes it’s distant. Some months I dont ride at all.


    i drive 70mile each way to corby skatepark every tuesday

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I’ve done plenty of local riding wherever I’ve lived but it almaost always involves faff and rubbish bits. Jumping the car, heading somewhere nice and having good riding right from the carpark is better IMHO.


    trying to get back to:
    – evening rides – very local (max 1/2 hour drive or from work/house/friends house)
    – Sunday rides – up to about 1hr15 drive away
    – weekends away – 3 to 4 hours.

    I travel as it’s partly about scenery, seeing things for me as well as the riding.

    Premier Icon Simon

    The majority of my riding is done from home or less than 30 mins drive from home. Only venture further than that 3 or 4 times a year.

    Premier Icon Nick

    75% of my riding is from my door.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    i rarely ride more than 20 miles from my doorstep.

    but then i have some awesome riding with 20 miles of my doorstep.


    Rivvy on my doorstep accounts for majority of my riding + lakes or Wales occasionally – 1-2 hrs drive away.

    Premier Icon allyharp

    99% of my riding is from the back door.

    I don’t like in a biking Mecca or anything, I just don’t drive!


    I usually ride local – reasonable but not amazing riding

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Mostly local. The mid-week daytime cheeky trails are good.


    An hours drive to my “local” trails. (Surrey Hills)

    Go up to the Peaks a couple of times a month. Trail centres once or twice a year, plus foreign hols where its usually easier/almost as quick to drive than fly once there’s 2 of us, plus bikes & kit, and if you include transfers too.

    A car is an essential MTB accessory IMO… (I know not everybody will agree)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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