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    It’s basically a Cane Creek S3, nothing really unusual about the headset… Any sign of looseness against the frame?

    I find the top bearing can be a wee bit short lived, I think the flat top maybe causes water to pool against the seal and soak through… But you ought to be able to feel bearing wear quite easily with these bearings. Superstar do sell a cheap replacement set though if you want to try it, they seem OK.


    Hi All
    Help would be appreciated. I am pretty good with a spanner but my Works Components headset has developed play I can’t adjust out.
    I have checked all the obvious things such as having sufficient spacers so the stem cap doesn’t catch on the end of the stearer tube before sufficient preload is applied. I have disassembled and regreased the headset, but no good. No matter the amount of preload applied the stem remains the same.
    The headset is only 2-3 months old and all the bearings look ok. Up until last week it worked flawlessly .
    Thanks in advance for the help.


    My top bearing didn’t last 5 mins and 2 of those mins were a holiday in Italy in dusty conditions. LBS couldn’t get the bearing out, so I had to buy a whole new one (On-One/Works slackset). I’ll be regreasing it constantly from now on.

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    I think Works will sell you the bearings at a discount if you still have the original reciept for the headset.

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    Oh yah, knew I forgot something… You can buy a whole CC headset with compatible bearings for not much, but also the Hope headset bearings fit too (they don’t seem any better or worse than the CC ones)


    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I can’t see any bearing wear, in any case surely they must last longer than 2 months, it’s not some cheapo headset.! The cups are well tight in the frame so I have no idea what the problem is. I have been cycling 20 years and never had this problem. It’s as if compression ring isn’t compressing into the upper bearing.

    I have emailed Rik at Works Components, his only suggesting was the top cap was touchIng the steerer before sufficient preload is applied. That’s definitely not the case. The problem is there is no telephone number for them which makes it really hard……. and slow!!!

    Help……can’t miss all this good weather!

    Hi Mason.

    I have replied back to your previous e-mail though you may not have received it?

    If the headset has play then my usual thought is that there is not the correct bearing pre-load, assembly is incorrect or there is movement in the headcup itself.

    As stated in the e-mail, it really is difficult to diagnose a problem without seeing the bike / headset, hence the request for pictures of the setup.

    The offer still stands that if you take it to the LBS and the problem is with our product and not setup we will happily replace the offending component and reimburse you for the bike shops labour costs.

    Aside from this – it is very difficult to offer any futher advice without seeing the bike personally, sorry!

    Thanks, Rick


    Hi Rik

    Thanks for the response. I have just checked my emails and yes I have received your mail…. Thanks. I called the LBS this morning, they can’t take the bike in until next week and couldn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I am happy to send you picks but I am not sure how useful it will be.

    I can try getting the headset press out again but the cups are flush against the head tube and there isn’t a lot you can do wrong in terms of inserting the bearing, compression ring and bearing cover, so I’m sure that’s right.

    I’m confused. Could it be the bearings…….they look fine and have only been used for a couple of months.


    Sent you some photos of the headset, let me know what you think.


    Hi All,
    Just like to say thanks to Rik at Works Components for sending the spares through. Everything is now once again perfect.
    Rik, thanks for the great service and keep up the good work. I may well be tempted by 1 or your fat/thin chain wheels now.

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    What was it in the end?

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