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  • play in Pro II freehub – advice
  • grumm

    Noticed my rear cassette wobbling around a bit and making funny noises. It's been making funny noises for a while but I only just realised what the problem is when I took the cassette off. There is a bit of play in it – no play in the wheel itself against the frame.

    It is likely to be the freehub bearings that will need replacing? How easy is it to do? I watched the video on the Hope site and it looked easy enough but I don't have a vice. Have replaced the front bearings before which was pretty easy. Tempted just to take it to LBS this time though.

    Also, any point asking Merlin/Hope to sort it out? Has had around 6 months of moderate use but that did include a week in the alps/doing the Mega.

    i managed to replace mine without a vice or any special tools.


    What did you use to get off the spacer thingy that holds on the freehub?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    fairly easy, mine came out nearly by themselves, trick from here was if the inner races get stuck on the axel pop it in boiling water to do the expansion thing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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