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  • Premier Icon jambalaya

    Have you asked Cy, Cotic are one of the most open, responsive and customer service focused companies I have ever come accross.


    Yeah, if you have twitter you can send Cy a message .

    He really is one of the most helpful blokes in the industry.


    Has anyone replaced the bearings in their Rocket linkage?

    Mine has developed some play, so I imagine the bearings need replacing, I haven’t really looked closely yet.

    Before I have a look, have any of you any experience with this linkage? Is it straight forward to service?

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Is your Rocket one the early ones?

    This happened to mine after just a couple of rides. Most prominent when you lift the frame up, you hear clunking, yeah?

    I think the problem is that a couple of the bolts tolerances are just too tight.

    Mine was solved by the (notso)LBS grinding off a bit of said bolt but I think they said there were replacement bolts from Cotic. Also my main pivot bolt was loose….

    As above, give Cy or Paul a call on Monday and I’m sure they will sort you out ASAP. Or if you got it from a shop take it back for them to look it over?

    Premier Icon nickkent

    I had to grind down one of the shock mount bolts to as it was 1/4 of a mm to long. I have also replaced the DU bushings in the shock as they developed play. If it is one of the pivot bearings then keep us posted, I haven’t had to take a look at them yet.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Ah yes, it was a shock mount bolt right enough!

    cheers guys, yeah its an early one but it hadn’t had a problem previously. Hopefully its just the shock bushing. I’ll keep you posted.

    Premier Icon cy

    Give us a shout when you’ve figured out where the play is. It’s almost certainly going to be either the shock bolt or the tolerance on the top hats at the seatstay end of the shock. We’ve had some new top hats wider made to account for the tolerances we’ve experienced with some of the production frames and if it’s that we’ll send you some FOC. Just drop me an email.

    Premier Icon Alex

    ^^^ that was the fix for mine. Easy fix, does the job.

    Thanks Cy, I’ll get in touch when I get a chance to look at it.

    It seems it was merely some torque relaxation on the bolts at the seat stay end of the shock. Nipped up the bolts and it seems solid again. Its in my nature to fear the worst :mrgreen:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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