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  • Platform SPDs – Anyone Using them
  • Rosss
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    Anyone using some platform SPDs such as the Nukeproof Horizons? My old man occasionally uses my bike but will only use flats so see these as a great option without having to change pedals daily. How is the grip with flat shoes?

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    Any SPD style where the clip is raised up will be fairly crap as your weight will hit the flat bit of the shoe first and your will be riding that

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    They’re ok, I’ve ridden mine with flat shoes and I’ve got plenty of confidence in them if I miss a clip but I’d just be changing pedals – it’s a 5 minute job before and after a ride. The spd isn’t too prominent but it will still hinder engaging properly on the pins.

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    If he is only occasionally using your bike come you are changing the pedals daily ?

    Buy him his own bike would be my solution ..ya stingy git!😉😁

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    Funn make a version of the Mamba which only has the spd one side. My mate has them and they work ok, still not optimum grip on the flat side bit could be a solution.

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    get him some flat sole SPD shoes but don’t fit a cleat to them. The clip mechanism on the pedal will fit inside the cleat channel on the shoe and the sole should contact the pedal enough to get some grip and not feel like its sitting on top of the clip.

    It would be ok for pottering about and non-gnarly rides at least.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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