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  • munrobiker

    Does anyone get this? I’ve had it once before in 2009 and it crippled me for about a week. It’s just come back and it’s unbelievably painful. The problem is I have 6 hours of work to do on my feet tomorrow that I cannot get out of.

    Has anyone got any short term pain relieving ideas? Just taken a paracetamol now but I can only just walk from the kitchen to the living room- very sharp pain all down the outside of my left foot.

    I assume plenty of rest? Last time I had it I did an XC race on it and it didn’t effect me on the bike at all.


    Voltarol will work better than paracetamol and can be applied as a gel or taken orally.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Short term i would recommend Ibuprofen and really stretch out all of your lower legs. It is always worst first thing in the morning so start gently. You can try rolling a golf ball back and forward on your foot to massage it. Long term, NHS custom insoles completely fixed mine.


    Druidh- the one time I don’t have anything like voltarol in the house… To be fair, last time I had it no gels seemed to help at all.


    There must be somewhere open that you can find Voltarol or Ibuprofen. Taking it starting now will make it much easier for you tomorrow.


    I suffer from it. I now have a heel spur aswell, i’m not sure which was the cause of the other though. The pain used to be unbearable, especially in the morning but it is now manageble. I can run on it again now aswell and don’t suffer too much – i stick to off road running though (I find it lessens the risk of repetition injusy for me) and also stretch religeously.

    The stretch that works best for me is pulling my toes as far back as possible and holding it for 30 seconds several times a day. When you do this stretch you can feel the ligament like a guitar string. Also do plenty of calf and achilles stretches too.

    I have bought a night splint aswell, just in case it starts getting bad again. I’ve not used it yet though, so have no idea if it will be any good.

    You need some proper heel inserts for your shoes/boots. I got some Scholl ones that worked with almost immediate effect. I never took any painkillers but it was **** sore while I had it. Painkillers will take the pain away possibly but they won’t fix the problem.

    Ice. lots of ice, whenever you can.

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    Pf is a name given to lots of foot issues. see a podiatrist who can narrow it down. for tomorrow, try two 500ml bottles of water frozen, then roll your feet on them. also, find some material, about a quarter inch thick just to lift your heels. this might get you through tomorrow.

    hard orthotics and core exercises have helped me.

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    foot in washing up bowl of ice water……

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    Heel cup inserts worked for me too, Scholl are fine, mine are read and blue, from Boots I think, they cup the heel and support the arch towards the heel, amazing the relief they gave, I could hardly walk without.
    Hope it helps.
    Massage the shins, yeah, crazy but it can come from there.
    Long term going up on the toes as high as possible then squatting whilst keeping up on the toes, fab exercise, hold the door edge at first. Or a tree if on the bike when it strikes.

    Nothing is as important as your health though. Is there no way you can rest it? Get a crutch even.


    I’ll be able to rest it after tomorrow. I’ve put some bottles in the freezer and will dig something out for my heel.


    +1 for the foot rolling,.although I used coke cans from the freezer. Eventually had a cortisone shot in the arch of my foot and it’s not been back since. Effective but not pleasant.


    There was a thread on this a while ago, loads of good advice. I had a few physio sessions and it is 95% gone. Was really bad for about a year. You have my sympathy..


    Night splint works best for me or as others say rolling something under the foot. I’ve tried a frozen tin of something or a golf ball works best.

    Short term relief – heel inserts or raises. deep self massage/ice massage. pain killers.


    Icing or cold therapy is used to reduce inflammation so if you want to reduce your pain symptom asap you can apply ice. I prefer to roll a frozen water bottle. Another immediate pain reliever that you can use is taping. There are a few taping methods for plantar fasciitis in this link. Of course Ibuprofen paracetamol etc’ are also good pain killers.

    Take care

    Never mind, you’ll still be able to ride with us ‘fat knackers’ next week.


    I’ve had a year getting to grips with a nasty case of this. I reckon I’m about 85% better now.

    The ice water bottle roll trick is very good. Also, rolling a tennis ball under your foot to massage it.

    A night splint made a big difference but it took me a while to get used to wearing it. Do plenty of stretching of the calf and foot – but don’t overdo it, as too much can make it flare up again.

    A voltarol gel massage helped as a regular part of things along with ALL of the other stuff.

    Paracetamol didn’t work for me. Neither did ibuprofen, but aspirin helped sometimes.

    I had a course of dry-needling from a physio, which had immediate benefits for the PF, but it would normally only last a few days, and felt like I’d been walloped with a cricket bat for at least two days after the treatment.

    It’s bloody painful. You have my sympathy.

    EDIT: Just seen the post above – taping works really well to control pain – really saved me through the worst of it. I’m still using heel inserts, too, and they seem to give a degree of support that helps.

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