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  • Planet X Tubeless pump, is it any good?
  • I’m looking for a spare pump to go in the car – the planet x tubeless specific one at £30 popped up on my FB feed yesterday. Anyone have it/any good?

    Wondering the same thing, they have a couple at £30.
    Didn’t know whether to take a punt on one.

    you buy one and report back 😉


    It looks the same as the Wiggle own brand one: with some minor cosmetic changes.

    The Lifeline one is okay, I can’t really fault it for the price but it does feel cheap and plasticy. I have no problems using it as my only track pump. As far as the compressed air tank goes, I’ve seated tubeless tyres with it but it requires multiple “shots”. Although it’s 240psi, the volume of air in the tank is pretty small.

    I would not get it for the purpose of seating really tricky tyres (or non-tubeless rated ones).

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    Will let you know, ordered one.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Was temper but not sue of it will cut out on 29ers?

    Also, my cola bottle bodge job has worked every time so far….

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    Arrived this morning,not top quality, but not cheapo quality.Worked well on a roadie Tubeless ready tyre so far👍🏼

    Hmm i need mine to work on plus sized tyres

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    At that price I would buy an airshot – as much as it’s nice to have both jobs with one tool, if one part of it breaks the whole thing is useless.

    If it’s PX the tubes that slide together will be really baggy, the paint will fall off, some bits will be inexplicably badly designed and when you come to return it as it’s broken it’ll be like trying to talk to the crew of the Mary Celeste.

    Buy cheap buy twice.

    genuine question – i’ve just got a bike with tubeless tyres for the first time.

    what is and why do i need, a tubeless specific pump ?

    Seating the tyre bead for the first time. You basically need a high volume surge of air to pop the tyre onto the rim (like a car tyre).

    That pump appears to use high pressure as opposed to high flow, I’d rather have flow myself as that will mount tricky tyres or non tubeless options better (or just gives you more of a chance).

    The other option is to inflate the tyre with a tube for the first time which stretches it and forced the bead into the rim. Leave it overnight and it should retain its profile after you pop the tube out. Never tried this though.

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