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  • andrewh

    An OK bike for the price, but not as light as you would expect for carbon.
    barely any lighter than my previous ali bike (which to be fair was the mutts nutts back in’99 so I’ve gone from top end ali to middle of the road carbon) feels nicer to ride though.
    I’m 5’11 and have a medium with a short 90mm stem and plenty of seat post showing if that helps.

    Premier Icon igm

    I’m 6′ on a good day 5’11” on a bad’un. I had a medium with a 110 stem and that was too short for me. I’ve just ordered a large. I’ve got short legs and a long back though. You’re 3-4 inches smaller than me, but your legs are only 1 inch shorter.
    Medium sounds more like it than small – but I got it wrong first time so what do I know. Actually with your relatively longer legs, small and a long seat post might be the way to go.


    Ribble sportive carbon is a fair bit lighter for a similar price. I have one and it’s not bad at all. Grabbed the frameset for £250, some 1550g 30mm wheels from superstar for £135 and some cheap centaur and other bits and peices from ebay and the sales and I have a bike that’s as light as a £3k big-branded one for under a grand.

    Phenomenally good value, even better now with Ultegra for a grand. Very light for the money.

    However, one of the reviews I read commented on flexible forks and vague steering. I tried a Pro-carbon on a trainer and the front end was indeed weirdly noodly. I don’t know whether it’s anything that I’d notice when riding, or whether some new forks would cure the problem, but it was enough to put me off. I ended up buying a Defy and the front end is a lot stiffer. It’s definitely heavier, and not carbon, though.

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    +1 on the front end, only noticeable when descending at speed. Had mine for 5 years and has held up to a lot of abuse. Difficult to beat the current ultegra deal.

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    Stilla good buy for £1k, or a bit long in the tooth?

    What size for a 5’8″ bloke with 31″ inside leg? Small or Med?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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