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  • Planet X helmets, fit style
  • edhornby
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    had a crash today thanks to a muppet in an X5 who waited to turn right then turned in and walloped me – thankfully the helmet took the worst of the pavement impact but now the Kask needs to be replaced.

    Do the planet X helmets fit like a kask or are they a wider fit? the Kask fitted better than everything I’ve had previously so I’ll get one of them again unless someone confirms that the PX are in the same ballpark. Cheers all

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    I have a Kask Mojito and the one they rebadged for DHB/Wiggle. I’ve just taken delivery of a Carnac L/XL and it seems to fit well. Afraid I haven’t put many miles in yet using it. For £15 (probably a fiver now!) I don’t think you’ll go far wrong!

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    Is Planet X your LBS? 😉

    (someone had to say it)

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    Never had a kask, but have a new planet x enduro helmet, fits like a glove…….. I mean helmet 🙂
    Also, at the moment, buy a £30 gift voucher and get a free helmet.

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    I also have a mask mojito and a carnac croix helmet and the fit is very similar. I use the carnac for commuting as I can fit lights and reflective stuff on it more permanently

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    My Carnac large fits me as well as or better as my Giro Synth.

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    Hmmm cheers gents

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    Had the Mojito which I loved fit of and cracked it in September.

    Wanted a cheap replacement for off road use so got the Carnac Podium SL. Carnac is much better, fits just as nice and is lighter than advertised,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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