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    I know a lot of folks slag off PX customer service on here but I’d just like to redress the balance a little bit.

    I ordered a couple of the Selcof SL100CR chains from them the other day. They arrived this afternoon but unfortunately although I had been charged for the more expensive SL100CR they had packed 2 SLC1010CR’s (cheaper by a fiver each)

    I phoned them up, got through to someone very quickly and they were as helpful as could be. After a bit of discussion, rather than me going through all the hassle of returning these chains and waiting for them sending the ones I originally ordered the just refunded the difference, which means I still have the chain I needed for the bike build, which makes me happy.

    The refund went through almost immediately and everything is hunky dory.

    OK, do the should have got the order correct initially but the resolution was very swift and painless.

    Thank you Planet-X/On-One.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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