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  • Am almost definitely going to get a Planet X CX bike but am not 100% sure what size to opt for so was hoping some owners could offer some info.

    I’m 6’3 and was going to go for the 59cm frame but heard that the Planet X frames come up on the larger side and a 57cm would be more suitable. Given that having a CX bike on the slightly smaller side is advantageous could anyone advise?


    I’m 5ft 11 and my Uncle John is a 56 and it fits like a glove!

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    When I was buying my Uncle John I decided to sit on one at the shop first – glad I did as I was surprised to find that I needed a medium instead of a large, which I would have assumed being 5′ 11″. Cracking bike though.


    i’m 6ft and the 57 XLS came up large for me (I ride a 57 road bike)

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    Let me check with Dave Haygarth and Crossjunkie

    I’m 6′ 5″ with an inside leg of 36/37.

    I ride an XLS in 59 and it is perfect. I have previously ridden the XLS in 57 and the Disco in L and they worked with stem and saddle adjustments, though they were a little on the small side.

    The XLS has a shorter headtube than the Disco, for the same size so that is worth bearing in mind.

    At 6′ 3″ I don’t think an XL/59 would be too large, particularly given the relatively short headtube. If you prefer your frames smaller, then maybe consider a 57 but otherwise a 59 should do it.

    Conventional wisdom used to be that you ran saddle height a cm or so smaller on a cx bike. This has pretty much died out now – almost everyone runs the same saddle height and position as on a road bike.

    Smaller frame sizes potentially make the bike stiffer, but the XLS is very stiff already and the larger frame size makes shouldering on the move, and carrying easier as you can fit your arm/shoulder through more easily.


    Hi Fervouredimage

    I have ridden XLS, Dirty Disco and Picknflick in leisure, training and racing, am 6’3 and would advise the largest sizes. I’ve ridden every cross season from 1995 to now do I do know my ‘cross pretty well. Downsizing bikes is a safe way with some brands but unless you have freakish reasons or preferences I would go 59 definitely.

    If you like anywhere near me (Rossendale, Lancs) then get in touch and you can take a test ride.

    Dave Haygarth

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