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  • Nonsense

    Group of 4 looking for house/cottage self-catering not too far from the trail (20 min drive) and near a good pub ideally.

    Anyone recommend anywhere? Ta.

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    Talybont, slightly over the 20min drive, but worth it for grub and ale in the Star. Scenic drive over the glyn is good and may even persuade you to spend one day at BPW and one day on the mountain.


    Massive catchment area tbh – even Cardiff is only 35 mins away.

    If you’re feeling flush I can also highly recommend this place – access to BPW and the Beacons

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    email me and I’ll send you a list


    Stables Farm in Pant
    Cottage sleeps up to 8
    £27.50 each including a lovely breakfast.
    No more than 20 mins from bpw
    Marstons pub over the road

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    Valleydaddy, I have emailed you for your list. Hope that’s ok.


    Nant Ddu! Very plush. If you’re not feeling so flush, there is a bunkhouse on the opposite side of the road, can’t remember the guys name though, opened this summer.
    Beacons Cottages are the local booking agency around here, or have a look for Forest Lodge cottages near Libanus.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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