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  • Places to ride and date ideas in/near Nottingham…??
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    Woollaton Hall just outside the city is nice.
    Newstead Abbey, N of the city, you can ride out on Route 6.

    For riding, there’s some great stuff to the North of the city, go to Bestwood Country Park, Burntstump Country Park, Sansom Wood Foxcovert Plantation.

    HTH, APF


    Bouldering under Trent Bridge, that’s where I used to take my girlfriend.


    So I am going up this weekend to visit my brother (he doesnt get out much so is not much help here…)

    I am taking my MTB and would like to go on a decent ride somewhere one day, happy to drive to the peaks as long as its not hours and hours away! Any suggestions?

    I will also be entertaining a female friend one of the days and was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest any cool places to go, she lives there so something thats not the usual attractions, maybe out of the city a little bit. Has previously mentioned going to ‘stereotypical’ english countryside (shes not from round these parts) so any suggestions accessible from Nottingham?

    Sure thats a bit vague but maybe that might get some better suggestions…?

    thanks in advance!


    anyone else?


    Head over to ambergate, 20/30 mins drive from notts for a good two hrs worth of riding if you can tag onto a ride for some pointers.


    The Hand & Heart on derby road (in the city) does the best Sunday roasts you’ll likely to come across! Proper pub that utilises one of the thousands of caves Nottingham has to offer and a funny piano playing man!

    You could perhaps get some romantic cross country riding through the meadows

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    +1 for Hand & Heart

    Kayal in Hockley (Broad St) is great for So. Indian food



    If you want to stay local, maybe have a run over to Southwell, it’s not far and is a nice place with some great pubs or cafe’s. la provincial is really excellent for food or go down to gunthorpe for a wander along the river and a drink / lunch in Tom Browns.


    Clumber Park & take a picnic
    go ape at sherwood pines
    Rutland water
    Matlock isn’t too far away with plenty to do.
    Hardwick & Hardwick Inn
    Walk along Curber Edge to the grouse for lunch
    Wollaton Park

    Depends what you want really. If you want to stay in the city there is plenty to do – Nottingham castle, the caves, lace market, contemporary arts, etc.

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    If she wants stereotypical English countryside and you’re happy to drive to the Peak District, you could do worse than heading to Dovedale. Beautiful (easy) walks, stepping stones and one of the prettiest village in the Peaks (Ilam). 45 mins from Nottingham. Nearby Ashbourne is a nice little town, especially if you like browsing antique shops. I’m sure there must be good stuff nearer though.

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    Anything on at donnington park?


    Guys, that is exactly the sort of answer i was after, many thanks!

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