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  • neninja

    I taped the top tube as I’m short of leg and didn’t want to pointlessly rub the paint away with muddy shorts. Also put some clear in obvious cable rub areas.

    Didn’t bother with the down tube though.

    Bit of both in general – clean it properly every so often as its the best way to spot problems and keep the drive chain running sweetly. I did leave it recently and the mud caked around the rear mech froze solid in the cold and stopped it working. I’ve learnt from that mistake now.


    loads of helitape everywhere, so I can ride hard and enjoy it. This is a fairly simple thing really, heli tape is wonderful stuff and will reduce the risk of cable/heel rub, bad stone impacts etc.

    Unless you think it’s uncool, it really is free country in respect of how you protect your bike..

    Premier Icon verses

    Just bought my first ever batch of helitape.

    My 853 frame has cable rub on the head tube which has gone through the paint and is starting to wear the metal. I want to stop it getting worse, wish I’d done it sooner 🙁


    Bit of both. I look after my bike the same way I look after any other expensive tool, I don’t drop it on the floor or kick it about but I know it’ll sometimes be in harm’s way when it’s used as intended.

    This basically. It’s one of the most expensive things I own and I want it to work well and last as long as possible, so I do look after it.
    If it’s going to get scratched/chipped or whatever when riding that’s fine, but if it could just as easily not get damaged by predictable, avoidable things like cable rub or dropping it on rocks when I stop then I’ll try and avoid it.

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    teasel – Member
    a) Use the feeling-hard-to-ride-knackered-not-everything-is-working-properly hardtail

    b) Using the shiny FS and not having time to clean it

    Why not get your wrench-head on (Kryton, geddit) and sort out the HT…?

    I may be getting a new frame to build up n a while, which will demand all my attention & available money. However, I may not, and in that case all the OEM Shimano kit on the HT will be replaced with XT, and the Recon with a Sid. Until I know if the new frame appears I can’t move on plan a or b….


    I may build the HT into a cotic/ragley-a-like for woodsy fun and just race the FS. Its actually lighter than the HT anyway.


    c) Use but don’t abuse. Take good mechanical care of it, take a bit of care about where you lean it and how you car rack it, and ride it hard.


    Hang it on your wall and gaze lovingly. Periodically put more expensive bits on that won’t improve the bike and continue to admire. Occasionally visit a trail centre car park for a bit of dressage.


    Probably somewhere about the ‘C’ mark.

    My frame is wrapped up in old inner tubes which offers a bit of protection to the paintwork, and also makes it look less attractive when it’s locked up outside Uni.

    I started doing this on my previous bike (Kona Kula) as a friend who I lived with pushed his bike into the hidey hole with mine and the brake lever took a fair bit of paint off the top tube.


    In general use not abuse. If I crash and damage it then fine but otherwise take good care of it. Depends on the bike a bit too.

    I’m more particular about my road bike and full suss as they were expensive, I’ll fully clean them every ride if needed. My commuter is scratched and a bit rusty from being chained up outside everyday for 3 years it gets an annual service after winter but not much else. My cross bike is raced hard but goes to the start line clean and well maintained. My HT is kept working but only the forks and drivechain are cleaned regularly.

    Premier Icon EdwardH

    I used to use duck tape on all the areas that suffered cable rub, then discovered heli-tape so now use that – I try and ride it like I stole it and most of my bikes only get a brief hose down and chain lube when I get home, then maintenance when ever needed.

    I have some carefully placed helitape to stop cable rub, needs a clean after Mondays night ride.

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