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  • Earl

    Wife as shopping next door so I went into Bikehut and asked for a Ext Deore BB. After much searching (and asking a co-worker) he produced a UN54. After pointing out it wasn’t and external one – he consulted his manager. You can order on the net but we don’t keep them in stock.

    Pity that they don’t seam to give their staff decent training nor stock basic parts for many of the bikes they have in store. Bike wise they seam to have lots of nice stuff – from the Boardman range to even their own range – they had Carrera 650b hardtail on display ffs!


    That’s about teh size of it, yes.


    I had my stereo fitted by them in Kittybrewster £30 to put the microphone and dab aerial cables behind the dash and all that shenanigans. excellent job. v pleased.


    Seem.,…………….. not,…………….seam……….you dippy or something. ?


    I order stuff to be picked up from my local store quite often as
    Their Prices due to regular promotions can be very competitive.

    And by ordering for collection rather than to be delivered to my house I have half a chance of smuggling parts in under the radar.


    picked up a garmin edge 200 for £72 and they kept it for me for an extra day when i asked

    Premier Icon tmb467

    went in one day to buy a UN54 bb and some other random bits and pieces

    they not only had everything I needed (in the right size) but were able to advise me that they had a cheaper (and equally reliable) replacement BB with a 2yr warranty

    sometimes they’re good – sometimes they’re not

    the lad behind the counter was chuffed that a customer actually knew what they wanted and what size they needed and were pretty interested in what I wanted it for (and where I was intending to ride at the weekend)

    The 650b Carrera I saw in Halfords at the weekend had a square taper BB and most boardmans come with Truvativ cranks.


    I’m very grateful to Halfords. I was able to pick up a 2007 VooDoo Sobo frame last week for a ridiculously cheap price. If it wasn’t for the Curse of H completely destroying the value of the VooDoo brand name, a scandium/carbon frame of that quality would have cost me a lot lot more.


    I have found all of the staff nice people who are willing to help but most are just not trained very well. I say pity as Halfords obviously do put a lot of money into Bikehut and serve a lot of people. Management could easily be so so much better. (and that would really kill off the lbs….)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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