Pitch (with Lyrics, reverb and full XT) Price dropped and open to haggling.

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  • Pitch (with Lyrics, reverb and full XT) Price dropped and open to haggling.
  • £1200, collected from Swinley, postage if you ask really nicely.

    -£100 with the original wheels
    -£120 with the original avid brakes
    -£100 with the original seatpost
    -£20 with the original truvative fire-x cranks
    -£30 with a MRP G2 taco guide (also in matching green), but it’s a 38t taco so the chainring looks a bit small/odd!

    Frame only – £400

    Medium Pitch Frame, Shock tuned by LOCO, comes with 3x volume spacers, normal and HV air cans so you can tune it how you like.

    Lyrics, Mission Control damper, U-turn spring. Also includes a blown (not terminaly apparently) 2-step air spring which can be rebuilt if you’ve the paitience. Medium and firm springs included.

    Hope XC rear hub, Bulb Front hub, not long rebuilt with new EN521 rims and DT souble butted spokes, brass nipples.

    XT shadow mech
    SRAM 36t alloy bodied cassette
    XT shifter (dual release)
    XT brakes with ice tech rotors
    XT chainset (old), but new XTR BB
    E-13 chainring, green
    Straitline Silentguide (special edition 32t, in matching green)
    125mm Reverb
    NukeProof flat bars (780mm?)
    Race Face Atlas AM stem

    Choice of Maxxis HR supertacky dual ply 2.5’s
    Specialized Eskar
    Something more ‘XC’ (I’ll see whats in the shed)

    Good bits
    It really is barely used, I live in Berkshire, this really should be somewhere like Scotland/Wales/Lakes. If I don’t mention it under bad bits then it’s pretty new. The drivetrain is probably less than 300 dry miles old! The frame has 1 (as far as I know) scratch on the seatstay, the rest is helitaped.

    Bad bits:
    Reverb hose conection is looking ropey, it’s an original plastic one, metal one from fisher will be an easy fix (TBH, it needs shortening anyway if you like things neat and tidy). Post itself is perfect and works fine, it just looks like the hose might fall off the barb sometimes soon.

    Lyrics have a leak inside the reboud damper which means the rebound has to be set with a small allen key, then a spring side lower bolt screwed in where the adjuster should be. If you install an adjuster the oil drips out over ~100 miles through the holow bolt, a solid bolt stops this. Funtionaly they’re great. You could always install an adjuster, play about on the first ride then install the bolt, it doesn’t drop apreciably in a single ride. There is some anodising wear but it’s not affecting the seals and it’s quite faint. If I get arround to it I’ll drop the lowers off and photograph it.

    Selling because I want a boat and this get’s so little usage! Swap for a similalry underused 2011 Laser (unlikely, I’ll comprimise and take a ~2000 one)?

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    I’m potentially very interested in the frame and wheels if you are splitting!
    Will flick you an email when I am home from work.

    how much for forks if you splitting? (assuming tapered steerer?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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