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  • Pitch forks at the ready!!!!
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    Best thread in ages.
    Its like the good old days of STW.

    Why thank-you very much 👿

    A bit of sillyness never hurts

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    My giggling has awoken my 5-week old. Bar stewards for creating comedy gold.


    You could have bought 3 tents for that!

    beautiful and a genuine belly laugh for that one.


    Looks upside down to me. Some racks are designed to clamp around the rear wheel of a 4×4. The arms should then be straight out. That’s how you get four bikes on.

    BTW, no way would I fit four bikes on that rack. I have a dedicated roof rack on my CRV with 4x Thule 591’s. That’s how you carry bikes. You can also fit a towball and swan neck extended rack (but the door makes it impractical).


    New crowd tiger!

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    I’ve been outside and tried it the other way round and it fits much better and I can now get 4 bikes on it.

    The problem now is because it’ s on the bonnet I can ‘t see too well out of the front

    Gosh, the answer is so obvious. Are you a bit thick? Clearly you just have to drive in reverse. I suppose it might help to get a kit to fit that spare tyre to the bonnet to improve your view out of the back. Or you could always get Steve to look after it for you when he hasn’t got the kids. He doesn’t bring the kids to work does he? I’d be a bit worried if he did – I mean they could cause all sorts of hazards for somebody driving around in reverse with bikes on the bonnet.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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