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  • PipeDream Nevis Ti Frame, Orange P7 Frame and other bits.
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    Hey Folks,

    I have Decided to Clear my feet of bits so here is the first wave of bits i would like to find a new home = i have no use for them and its a pity they are just sitting in a box and i need to make funds for a reverb!…I live in Derbyshire ( Matlockish and work in South Yorks (Rotherham) if you would rather do the cash on collection thing..) or i take Paypal…

    I have a Pipedream Nevis Ti frame sitting doing nothing. She is an 17″ i think and looking for a new Daddy! I tried to get the angles on my ‘smart’ phone but it made no sence, i ran a 120mm for on her, she is quick, light and can build into a good light ride. She had a small crack on the Disc side chainstay ( about 60mm away from the dropout weld) and got her fixed by Vernon barker(in derbyshire) who filled the crack and plated it – this does not effect the bike at all.The usual kind of thing inch eighth headtube, 68mm bb, 31.8 seatclamp and a 27.2 post – the usual for a Ti frame.I am looking for £250 for the frame only.

    Geo is : Top tube = 22″ centre to centre seat tube is 18.4 ” centre to top Chainstay is 17.2″ centre to centre and the headtube is 125mm long.

    I also have an Orange P7 frame ( strange one)in Black 2006/ 2007 model i think ( has adjustable dropouts for single speed sillyness She was the steed i was going to build but decided i want a smaller frame now.

    Geo is TT = 22.6 ST = 17.4 c-t CS = 17″ with 10mm back and the HT is 120mm long
    I would also like £250 for her

    I also have a 2010? Fox Dhx Air 5 200*50mm Good condition From a reign (i got this in the hope i could fit it to my Trance but it would cost more to re valve and fit it)
    Looking for £150 Posted for it.ONO

    I also have a pair of DT Swiss 370 Six bolt 32 hole 9mm/ 10mm hubs in black , these came on my bike when i first got it but i am a hub tart and use other ones! The front is still laced into a rim ( WTB Laser disc) you can have that in the deal if you’d Rather- these hubs have done no more than 30 miles all in! £80 pair Post depending on if wheel or hubs only.

    I also have a single avid Juicy 7 in gunmetally colour sat for about 3 years doing nothing, needs a bit of love ( pop the seals service) looks good has a pair of alu backed kool stop pads in it that have seen no use!looking for 40 posted for this badboy.

    If you would like to cut a deal i am open to swaps – i would like an orange msisle or a cove stiffee in 14 or 16 inch if you have anything like this and want a more xc / trail frame? WHY?

    If you would like pics of anything please feel free to e mail me – mrpashley26@hotmail.com

    I am open to sensible offers as i am a bit wet to what price things go for nowadays.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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