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  • Pipe-dreaming and fantasising thread – share your best 2021 route plans!
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    Trail of the Seven Lochs in one hit for me.


    Mostly because I can do it from my front door.

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    Nice route Monk, probably the best way to use the Perthshire climbs in a single day ride and stay within the county.

    To be fair, this was plotted in anticipation of some sort of crazy, post Covid dreamland where I didn’t need to pay attention to county lines!

    Trail of the Seven Lochs in one hit for me.

    That looks great, could also add in Loch Killin and Glendoe Reservoir for some additional high level adventure (it looks like there are landy tracks traversing the plateau at that point, I’ve always wanted to get up there and have a look).

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    I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years since a friend of mine did it on a singlespeed two years ago! It’s called Stoneman Miriquidi and it’s a sign posted 190km route in Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) with 4000m of climbing taking in the Czech Republic side, too. You register and they send you a starter pack with a card that you have to stamp at various locations along th route. When you finish it successfully you can receive a trophy. You can do it when you want between May and September. Actually just noticed they’ve changed the route which is now 165km but the same climbing meters. Link
    The other one that I’ve been meaning to do for even longer is der Rennsteig in the Thuringian Forrest. Also 190km of trails going over the ridges of the mountain range. I’ve ridden a lot of it at various times but never in one go.

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    The King Alfred Way and The South Downs way as they are both fairly local to me and I should have my Fairlight in March so fancy something to shake that down on.

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    Monk, long (long..) before that reservoir & associated wind farm were built, I used to cycle and walk up there to fish the high level lochs all across Carn a Chuilinn and up at Loch Killin, for that matter too. I’ve only recently spotted the apparent link and as its clearly visible on the satellite view, I’ll maybe try to visit while up north this year.

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    Split my list into three. Possible, aspirational & Beyond Me

    Cavedale clean.
    Antur Styniog with the wean on a day when it’s not an ice rink, and my bike doesn’t fall apart.
    Coed y Brenin with the kids. Soooo much want to do that. Oh memories.

    100km Peak Route including Cavedale, Beast Stanage Causeway clean.
    North side of Cut Gate clean
    Fränkische Gebirgsweg in Bavaria.
    Borrowdale Bäsh/ Ullock Pike Combo.
    6 passes. (Lakes 4 passes + access and return from Langdale)
    Helvellyn, High Street, Skiddaw combo

    Impossible Dream
    MTB Everesting
    Quad Road Century

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    On the wish list are:

    – A variation of the 2nd City Divide from home (Midlothian) to home (Chesterfield). Probably have to be in 2 stints.

    – West coast (Road) tour from Lairg to Durness and down the coast to Kyle of Lochalsh.  Preferably further but time permitting… That said, the whole NC500 popularity puts me off.

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    Rats, this is what happens when you’re stuck in lockdown, your perfectly reasonable, achievable 85km loops become 116km loops because you finally figure out that the Cowal Way up and over to Curra Lochain is actually relatively passable…

    This looks epic, I think I’ll need to spend February and March doing as many local gravel miles as possible so I’m ready for some long days once lockdown lifts!

    Edit: still tinkering, I think the detour up to Sloy Dam is a trifle un-necessary this time…

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