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  • Pine oil and pregnancy- anyone know of problems?
  • racing_ralph
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    MrsJ is nearly 6 months pregnant (tomorrow 🙂 ) and bought some soap containing pine oil from Lush yesterday. In her pregnancy “guide book” it says that it is dangerous to sue pine oil in aromatherapy during pregnancy as it can bring on a miscarriage. Anyone know if this is the case? or is it certain pine oils?

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    does the pregnancy guide book offer any evidence for the statement e.g. credible references to medical reports?

    It’s soap, so do you think it’s likely that much pine oil (if it is indeed dangerous in pregnancy) would be absorbed to present a threat?

    On the subject of aromatherapy, it’s best avoided at all times because of the noxious odours and danger of fire if you use tea lights. Much better to go for a calming or refreshing ride or walk 🙂

    and congratulations!

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    some oils are not recommended but failing to recal the reason. Why take the risk though? I imagine the risk is negligible

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    i would have thought the risk is pretty slim but on the other hand,

    just throw the soap away – better safe than sorry

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    Aren’t things like that only really the case in the first 12 weeks?

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    i am being magnanimous and using it for her 🙂

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    Thank you for contacting us regarding suitability of our products during
    pregnancy. We understand that when a customer is expecting a baby they
    are naturally concerned about the cosmetic products that they are using
    and although we do not currently have a specific range for pregnant
    women we do have a number of products that would be suitable. During
    this time your hair and skin have changing needs so you may want to
    experiment with different products. All of our products are safe for use
    ( the quantity of essential oils used in our products is only a small
    percentage and as such would cause no problems), however we do feel that
    those products milder in their actions are the ones you should choose,
    if you have any concerns about ingredients, any of the essential oils,
    for example we make plenty of alternative products for you to choose from.

    I would like to assure you that all our products have been tested on a
    panel of human volunteers to ensure they are safe. A chartered Scientist
    and a registered Medical Practitioner carry out an assessment of the
    health and safety for human health of the finished product taking into
    consideration the general toxicological profile of each ingredient used,
    it’s chemical structure, it’s level of exposure and response from human

    Our Therapy Massage bar is especially lovely for mums to be as they can
    use it to moisturise your stomach. Products that moisturise the body and
    help to keep the skin supple and stretchable (to help prevent stretch
    marks) are ideal. Use it for a relaxing shoulder and back massage too.
    Our Butterball Bath Ballistic is a good choice with its soothing vanilla
    fragrance and pieces of real cocoa butter for moisturising the skin.
    Dream Cream hand and body lotion is great for particularly dry skin and
    Ultrabland cleanser and Celestial Facial Moisturiser are also ideal
    choices as they are designed for sensitive skin. You’ll find that these
    Lush products make an ideal treat. Honey I washed The Kids soap,
    soothing for your skin and your mind. Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Slice, for
    a sweet and lovely bubble bath. Dreamtime Bath Melt, with soothing
    essential oils to help relax the body and send you off to sleep. King Of
    Skin Skin Conditioner, with lashings of Cocoa Butter and fresh bananas
    to smooth and condition the skin, rub on and rinse off for lovely softness.

    We are in the process of making all ingredients on our website ‘clickable’. The quantitative ingredients list is broken
    down into natural and safe synthetic ingredients and when you click on
    an individual ingredient a window will pop up to tell you what it is,
    where it’s from, why we use it. For example you can search for either
    the name of the soap or Pine Oil itself to see the following information:

    /’Siberian Pine oil is extracted from the tree pinus sylvestris by the
    method of steam distillation. This evergreen tree can grow up to 40
    metres tall. The needles are long and blue/green in colour. The bark is
    a deep reddish brown colour and the pinecones eventually turn brown.
    Pine oil is native to Eurasia. It is very pale yellow in colour and has
    a wonderful fresh aroma. Aromatherapists use it to used to clear the
    mind and for its cleansing and antiseptic qualities’.
    I hope this is helpful and if you should have any further queries or
    concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me again.

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    Advice is to avoid all essential oils during pregnancy so I would say just stick it at the back of the cupboard and get it out after the critter is born.

    And congratulations. 🙂

    I won’t say anything else in case MrsFlash reads this…. 😉

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    If in doubt, leave it out.

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