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  • Pilgrim’s progress
  • What a lege. Had me pmsl anyroad down…

    Name that niche?

    I thought this was something to do with the Hereford Hooligans…

    Most…misleading…thread title…ever.

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    That was funny.. Brave man riding that down steps etc when the headtube is clearly giving up 😳

    I’m normally a big fan of Sam. Watch all his videos but, he’s just got himself a Cake electric mtb/mx hybrid type thing and was basically roosting the shit out of his local woods the other day.. Not good 👎 😐


    the headtube is clearly giving up

    I like that he thinks the paint is coming off because of stress when it’s clearly that the fork crown is hitting it.


    Tbf the second part of the cake vid is where they hold regular trials mc events but the rest especially when he tried maxing the speed is just damm right stupid and only a Pratt like him could find it funny .
    I hope fox tell him to stick his sponsorship up his arse for highlighting ohlins in the video .
    How many times do you see sp approaching traffic side on or on public paths riding inappropriately.
    He’s a likeable guy in real life but makes Matt Jones seem intelligent

    “he’s just got himself a Cake electric mtb/mx hybrid type thing“

    That’s just an electric MX bike. A low power one with some MTB parts on it but still just an electric motorbike.


    Pretty sure he isn’t a fox athlete anymore, that’s why he sprayed the forks with a rattle can in other videos.
    I can’t watch his “how I see” vids as it’s generally riding like a dickhead in close proximity to pedestrians which irritates me as does his mistreatment of expensive free components.
    Still he puts out some entertaining stuff, is a hugely talented rider, has a big fanbase and has an online persona to maintain and is probably a decent chap in real life.


    Skilled rider with the mentality of a twice year old.

    The only reason I used to watch him is because he rides around Essex, my old hood.

    His mate Tom Cardy puts out some decent, informative bits.

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