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  • Premier Icon charliemort

    What’s the difference then ? Boogered if I can work it out………….


    one is air, the other is coil on the new ones that is.

    weight and pikes are now coil where as revs are air (IIRC)


    what year you talking, ’08 or ’09?

    if ’09 pikes are coil only and rev’s are air only

    if ’08 totally different

    U-turn pikes are 95-140mm, U-turn Revs are 85-130mm.

    Pikes have 20mm Maxel, Revs have QR

    Premier Icon charliemort

    ah okay – so an 09 air revelation is basically an 08 air pike? but with maxle light rather than maxle errr well not light


    I’ve had QR ’09 Revs and 20mm ’08 Pikes.

    The Pikes have an extra oil seal over the Revs, which only have a large foam ring and not the proper seal underneath it. Not sure if this holds true of the 20mm Revs though.

    I’ve noticed quite a bit of crap getting past the wipers so I think the oil seal is a definite plus.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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