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  • Pike ultimate vs fox factory 34
  • olibluegoat
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    Anyone got any experience of which is the better fork now the 2.1 damper ultimate is out. About to build up a new lightweight trail build. Weight is comparable. Currently got a 34sc and I must admit I dont find it as plush as my old pike.

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    Can’t comment on the new damper, but the Pike chassis is head and shoulders above the 34

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    Not ridden Fox a good few years but the ultimate is a noticeable jump in performance over the normal pike. It’s a very sorted fork. More supple the LSC is very noticeable/usable and very nice fork gotta say.

    Having said that I also run a 2019 pike to and that’s a great  fork and more available in the sales or offers options on line. Real questions are, is it worth the extra £ for the ultimate and do you think you’d really notice the performance difference? A couple of years ago I’d of said no I don’t think I would of! But two years for crap tendons in both arm, operations and now arthritis in both thumbs I’m a bit more tuned in to a supple nice working front end!

    Not that would of stopped me a few years ago I’d still have wanted the new fork on the block😂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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