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  • Pike service – charger bleed, kit / tools?
  • Premier Icon deadkenny

    Done full service on RS forks a number of times now and easy enough. However not done a Charger before.

    I’ve still got plenty of the regular oil from TF Tuned. Their stock lower lube mix, and 5wt oil. I notice they supply this in the refresh kits for Pike 2014+.

    On bleeding the thing, I’ve got various syringes inc the bleed kit for Reverb. Cleaned out, can I just use the same syringes with the Charger along with TF’s 5wt oil? RS manual says 3wt.

    Lowers, RS spec 0w-30, but TF just seem to have a generic lower lube mix for most models inc Pikes.

    Also, I see there’s a bleed connector sold for the Charger. Would I need this or would the Reverb bleed connector work?

    Premier Icon simonhuscroft

    Connector is completely different to the reverb. You will need the right one. The bleed kit comes with the correct oil I believe. But you can get the connector on its own.

    Epic bleed do a kit but I found when creating a vacuum it let air into the syringe which didn’t help. The official one is better.

    As for oil I’m sure the lower lube mix will be fine. Not sure how much of a difference the 5 wt will make to the stock 3. I would guess not too much. May slow the damping down a small amount.

    Like this




    Good luck getting the ****’ circlip off!


    The question is, will you be happy if you’re going to have to do the service twice, if it feels like crap with 5wt in the damper. It’s 12 quid for the correct oil on a £600 fork.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    £300 the price I paid back when Euro was good price 😀 (for one of them, other Pike I’ve got came with bike).

    Anyway, TF Tuned use that oil or at least supply it in pike service kits. Don’t know if they use the same if you send the forks to them to be serviced.

    Though given the Charger is a bleed job, you’re not replacing the oil so you’d need a match in the syringe. Or flush it and replace the lot.

    Thanks all. Looks like fancy connector required then. I may ask TF about the oil weight.

    Premier Icon simonhuscroft

    The circlip for the bleed plug can be tough to get off. I imagine decent quality circlip pliers would be ok.

    I ordered some these from eBay: item number 201794111087.
    Not that they are quality but they are serrated and slightly bent so worked a treat.

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